This 3-D Model Of What A Clitoris Really Looks Like Will Haunt Your Soul Until You Die



Men are already naturally adverse toward going anywhere near a clitoris during sex, and a new French sex education idea — showing young dudes accurate, 3-D renderings of it — ain’t going to make a difference, because dear CHRIST, clitorises are terrifying.

Peep this scorpion-looking monster.


Imagine seeing that things scurry across your kitchen floor one evening. You’d torch your apartment to the ground and move to another city.

Yet sex educators think that will help men be more into playing with that thing? Fuck no, man. Fuck no. From The Guardian:

But the important thing is that it debunks myths that have repressed female sexuality for centuries. For one, it refutes the dictionary/textbook education that wrongly asserts the clitoris is the size of “a fingertip”, a “pea” or that it is small. We can now clearly see that the clitoris includes two shafts (crura) which are actually about 10cm long. Not only can we visualise that the clitoris is more than what the eye perceives; with the visual model we can also now get a mental image of how it encircles the vagina, making penetrative sex potentially orgasmic. This means that a demystified discussion about the female orgasm is possible at long last.

This, this confuses me even more. I thought there was a little button you were supposed to press and swirl your finger about. Now, I feel I need a third and fourth hand and a couple extra tongues. Even then I wouldn’t know which knob to twist and which pointy end to flick.

Clits are wild. If you know how to handle this thing, let me know.

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