Hundreds Of Breweries Across America Are Teaming Up To Make A Beer To Benefit Victims Of The California Wildfire

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Firefighters continue to battle the blaze that has decimated swaths of land across California in recent weeks and caused tens of thousands of people to flee the affected areas— including one person who drove through the flames to escape and offered firsthand evidence of just how terrifying the scene is.

The death toll continues to rise as responders search for hundreds of people who are still unaccounted for in one of the worst natural disasters to hit the United States in recent memory.

As is far too often the case, it takes some of the worst situations to bring out the best in people but there’s been a huge outpouring of support for people who’ve been impacted by the fire— many of whom will need it far after the flames are extinguished.

Guy Fieri once against proved he’s a great dude by cooking up a huge meal for police officers helping to manage the dire situation.

Dave Grohl followed in his footsteps by showcasing his skills as a pitmaster and serving up some BBQ for firefighters on the front lines.

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However, that’s just a taste of what people have done so far.

Last week, the craft beer pioneers at Sierra Nevada (whose Chico location is directly in the path of the fire) shelled out $100,000 to create a fund to help with relief efforts.

They also announced they’d start brewing a new IPA and would be donating all of the proceeds to the fund while offering to give any interested breweries the recipe and ingredients required to make the beer if they wanted to contribute to the cause as well.

According to SF Gate, hundreds of beermakers across the country have taken Sierra Nevada up on its offer and will begin brewing Resilience Butte County Proud IPA, a West Coast-style ale that will begin popping up around the country in coming weeks.

If you want to help the cause, you can either keep an eye out for Resilience or donate directly to the fund via PayPal.

Or both. You can also do both.


Bill Gates really identifies with this ‘Silicon Valley’ character, but he has one complaint


Bill Gates really identifies with this ‘Silicon Valley’ character, but he has one complaint

Like 'Silicon Valley's' Richard Hendricks, Bill Gates still sees himself as a technological whipper snapper.
Like ‘Silicon Valley’s’ Richard Hendricks, Bill Gates still sees himself as a technological whipper snapper.

Image: Robert Burroughs/Liaison

2017%2f09%2f19%2ffa%2frakheadshot.f59fbBy Rachel Kraus

Apropos of nothing, Microsoft founder Bill Gates has decided to share his thoughts on the HBO comedy Silicon Valley.

On Monday, Gates published a new post on his blog — known as GatesNotes (seriously) — about the tech industry satire, which is currently in between seasons. Gates sees Silicon Valley as a rare example of pop culture getting life in the tech world “right.” 

“If you really want to understand how Silicon Valley works today, you should watch the HBO series Silicon Valley,” Gates wrote.

Bill Gates: apparently not opposed to dick jokes!

Bill Gates: apparently not opposed to dick jokes!

The dad-jeans loving billionaire also apparently identifies with one character: the scrappy, anxious, but sometimes endearing protagonist, Richard Hendricks (Thomas Middleditch). 

“Personally, I identify most with Richard, the founder of Pied Piper, who is a great programmer but has to learn some hard lessons about managing people,” Gates wrote.

That’s right: despite the fact that Gates is one of the world’s most successful people, he apparently still sees himself as an awkward, earnest do-gooder.

He even tweeted a photo that appears to be an edited picture of himself as a young upstart … except with Richard’s face, and the Pied Piper logo instead of the old logo for Microsoft. 

Gates, have you been playing around in MS Paint?

Just a wee babe.

Just a wee babe.

Image: Deborah Feingold/Getty Images

Gates also thinks the personality archetypes are spot on. The infighting and competition, the snarky but socially clueless programmers, the entrepreneurial largess and sometimes arbitrary nature of success and failure, all reflect the Valley that he knows deeply, he said. 

And he thinks his peers who are opposed to the show need to lighten up: “they don’t make any more fun of us than we deserve.”

Gates does have one note. He thinks that Silicon Valley mayyy be a bit harsh on big companies (you know, like Microsoft):

I do have one minor complaint. Silicon Valley gives you the impression that small companies like Pied Piper are mostly capable while big companies like Hooli are mostly inept. Although I’m obviously biased, my experience is that small companies can be just as inept, and the big ones have the resources to invest in deep research and take a long-term point of view that smaller ones can’t afford. But I also understand why the show focuses so much on Pied Piper and makes Hooli look so goofy. It’s more fun to root for the underdog.

It’s pretty fun to imagine Bill Gates watching the antics of the Pied Piper crew and LOLing, maybe even thinking back on his time in the garage with Paul Allen. 

Gates said he is currently making his way through Season 5, which ended in May. He’s holding out hope that it returns for a sixth season, though production on new episodes is reportedly delayed and may not air until 2020.

We’re just going to have to keep our eyes peeled for more GatesNotes fandom until then.

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