Happy New Year 2016 from dPS


Well it’s been a fantastic year here at dPS, we hope you’ve had a good one too. The New Year is upon us and it’s a time to reflect on the past 12 months, and look forward to the next 12. So I’m curious, do you make goals for the new year? I’m not into […]

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30 Little Things To Do To Become A Different You In 2016



Are you ready to improve yourself and your life in 2016? Making changes in your life doesn’t have to be totally overwhelming. There are many little things you can do to change your life in big ways. Here are 30 little things you can do to change your life this year. Choose a few and try them. You might be surprised by how much of a difference a few little changes can make in your life.

  1. Write down one thing you are thankful for every day. Starting a gratitude journal is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.
  2. Carry yourself confidently. Stand with good posture and walk tall.
  3. Declutter your home. Get rid of the items you don’t use and donate clothes you don’t wear.
  4. Do this workbook to help you find your passion.
  5. Start each day by eating the frog.
  6. End each day by writing out a tentative schedule for the next day. Having a plan for your day will help you hit the ground running when you wake up.
  7. Declutter your schedule.
  8. Write down your goals. Be specific about what you want to achieve this year, and put it on paper. Research shows that writing down your goals increases your likelihood of achieving them.
  9. Wear clothes you feel confident in.
  10. Connect with someone who inspires and encourages you.
  11. Move your body. Exercise helps us feel our best.
  12. Try new healthy foods. You never know when you may discover a new favorite dish.
  13. Give yourself a compliment. You are unique and amazing. Treat yourself that way.
  14. Learn to say no.
  15. Spend time in nature. It’s refreshing and gives you opportunities to feel awe.
  16. Figure out what your priorities are. Spend more time on your priorities and less time on the unimportant junk.
  17. Spend at least 10 minutes each day doing something you totally love, just for fun.
  18. Read something uplifting every day.
  19. Travel somewhere new. This world is huge and awesome, and there are so many amazing places to see in your lifetime.
  20. Try a new physical activity. It will help prevent boredom with your exercise routine.
  21. Spend 10 minutes every day being quiet.
  22. Spend one day completely unplugged from social media.
  23. Eat nutritious foods for breakfast to help you feel great each morning. If you’re rushed most mornings, plan your breakfasts ahead of time.
  24. Establish a relaxing bedtime routine.
  25. Envision your ideal work day, write it down, and commit to finding a career that fits into it.
  26. Meet new people. Carry on a conversation with someone very different from you.
  27. Take one step out of your comfort zone every day.
  28. Do a random act of kindness every week.
  29. Read the 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman with your significant other.
  30. Treat yourself to a great vacation.

At the beginning of each year, millions of people set their New Year’s resolutions. However, research shows the large majority of people break their resolutions. Instead of setting vague, huge resolutions, you might want to try setting very specific goals and making a plan of how to achieve your goals. Or, choose some of the small actions above and start working on them.

You may want to change a lot in your life, but revamping your entire life all at once might not be the wisest idea. Oftentimes working on improving small things and changing little habits can make a huge difference in your life. Choose a small action to do every day and focus on that action until it is completed. Focusing on small daily goals can help prevent you from being overwhelmed.

Good luck!

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3D printed digital sundial is brilliant and insane


People have been using the sun to tell the time since life began, but few ever expected that system to be worthy of an upgrade. Step forward a French engineer, going under the name of Mojoptix, who has created a digital sundial that expresses the time digitally, casting numbers into its own shadow. The principle behind it is rather simple: treating the sun as a backlight for a series of analog pixels that are calibrated to precise angles. As our nearest star passes along the sky, it pours through the holes that correspond to the readout for that time. So, when it’s 10:00am, you’ll be able to see 10:00am projected onto the table below.

The system isn’t without limitations, since it’ll only work between 10 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon. In addition, it can only tell the time in 20 minute intervals, so you won’t be ditching your oven timer for this unit any time soon. If you want one, then you’re in luck, because Mojoptix sells them on his Etsy store — although since it takes 35 hours to manufacture each one, be prepared for a long wait. If, however, you have your own 3D printer and some spare time, the engineer has helpfully open-sourced the plans, so you can knock one up at home if that’s preferable. Oh, and watch the 15-minute tutorial video to watch the device in action and learn more about how it’s created.

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A 3D-Printed Digital Sun Dial Is as Easy to Read as a Cheap Digital Watch


A 3D-Printed Digital Sun Dial Is as Easy to Read as a Cheap Digital Watch

Try wrapping your head around this one. An Etsy seller in France has somehow managed to design a remarkable 3D-printed sundial that shows the time as digital numbers that actually change as the day progresses and the sun moves across the sky.

Mojoptix’s Digital Sundial does have its limitations, though. The complex pattern of holes in the wand that create the shadows needed to display numbers can only show the time from about 10am in the morning until about 4pm in the afternoon. The digital numbers also only update in 20-minute increments, but that doesn’t make this creation any less incredible.

If you’re curious about how the sundial was engineered, its creator has posted a 15-minute video explaining the design and math behind it which you can watch here:

But if you just want to buy one, you can head on over to Mojoptix’s Etsy store where you’ll need to specify your color preference and whether you live in the northern or southern hemispheres to ensure it displays the correct time for you.

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Uber is thinking of getting into the travel business


Uber Travel

Uber isn’t only about booking cars. It looks like it’s thinking of becoming a travel agent. 

On December 24, Uber secured a new patent that could be used to plan trips.

Called "Uber Travel" in the images, it looks like a normal flight search like you would see on Expedia, but it adds Uber cars into the mix. 

A traveler could input their start location, date, and time, alongside a destination, and Uber would recommend an itinerary for them. The "magic" as Uber calls it in the diagram is being able to also incorporate plans for transportation. 

It’s a deviation from how conventional travel is typically booked segment by segment now. You start with booking your flight, then choose a hotel, then eventually a rental car or some other transit.

Uber’s idea, according to the patent, is to take the trip information and show a recommended flight, hotel, and the cost of an Uber to get you from point A to point B all-in-one.

In the whole process, Uber is acting as the facilitator, much like a Kayak.com, rather than the provider. These deals will probably be orchestrated by a team overseen by the patent’s author, Howard Jaffe, who is the head of Uber’s global procurement and supply chain.

In the patent, Uber states that it will tap into the network of airlines, looking at things like the planes on-time performance and an individuals preference for aisle and window seats. It will also work with traditional hotels and "shared-economy systems" that allow people to rent out their apartments, likely Airbnb.

Uber Travel

The patent also covers a way to make travel so much easier.

Once Uber knows your scheduled flight, the patented system is designed to know when a flight actually lands at the airport so it can start calculating when you should call an Uber, taking into account customs and baggage times. 

"The information may include a location at the airport where the user can be picked up in connection with receiving the on-demand transportation service, and a timing indicator to indicate when the user should make a request to receive the on-demand transportation service based on a real-time determination of a number of available service providers in a vicinity of the airport," the patent states

Essentially, Uber is taking the guesswork out of when to call for a ride when a traveler lands by pre-emptively notifying them when they should.

It’s an interesting move for a company that hasn’t been welcomed by airports with open arms. Many airports still forbid Uber for operating on their property, often levying heavy fines on the drivers themselves who respond to pick-up requests. Uber has been working hard to change this, and in early December, Uber finally was granted permission to operate at Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport

Uber did not initially respond to a request for comment. We’ll update this story if they do.

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How Bad Are Arctic Winters? One Photo Says It All.


How Bad Are Arctic Winters? One Photo Says It All.

If you were idly wondering what it might be like to visit the High Canadian Arctic in the dead of winter, this incredible new shot of a cup of hot tea freezing in mid-air sums it up nicely: Cold. As. Hell.

The breathtaking image above was captured by photographer Michael Davies and his buddy Markus, as they stood at the top of a mountain near Pangnirtung, a 1,400-strong Inuit village located just 12 miles south of Arctic Circle. Making sure to align their icy excursion with the 2.5 hours of winter sunlight, the two took a Ski-Doo to high ground so that they could glean a few extra rays off the horizon.

“Prepared with multiple thermos filled with tea we began tossing the water and shooting,” Davies explained to Gizmodo in an email. “Nothing of this shot was chance. I followed the temperature, I watched for calm wind, planned the shot and set it up. Even the sun in the middle of the spray was something i was hoping for.”

Well done, sir, well done. I only hope Davies rewarded himself with a nice, hot cup of something at the end of the day.

Image courtesy of Michael Davies. You can check out more of his work on his website and Flickr page.

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