Why Bitcoin Can’t Help The Poorest – Yet


a9329ebf6090afb969b7a98195460892 The term “financial inclusion” is a new buzzword in the fintech space. With the rise of services like Abra and MPesa, we are convinced that bitcoin is the solution to the problems of the unbanked. With bitcoin, we say, the house cleaner in Dubai can get her money home and the refugee can get his money over the border into a safer place. I’m even known to wax poetic about… Read More

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Volkswagen’s Tiguan GTE Active concept is a terrain-trampling hybrid




DETROIT — With a one-two punch following its all-electric BUDD-e microbus debut at CES last week has followed up that friendly little concept with something decidedly more menacing at the Detroit Auto Show.

It’s called the Tiguan GTE Active concept. Although it’s been designed trample anything in its path, it’s quite nearly as eco-friendly as BUDD-e. Let me explain.

Volkswagen Tiguan GTE Active Concept

Image: Volkswagen

This concept, which is based upon the second-generation Tiguan that we’ll see hit showrooms in 2017, is an all-wheel drive, 221-horsepower hybrid. Read more…

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David Bowie’s endlessly surprising career in one spectacular GIF




LONDON — Tributes have been pouring in for David Bowie following the news the inimitable singer has died aged 69, and fans have been paying tribute too.

One artwork in particular, a gif of several hand drawn portraits by UK-based illustrator Helen Green, is being shared in droves.

So Alien so human so honest
#Bowie http://pic.twitter.com/As4QOI1tty

— Todd Stashwick (@ToddStashwick) January 11, 2016

This series of #DavidBowie illustrations by Helen Green (@Helengreeen) is a fitting tribute to his amazing careerhttp://pic.twitter.com/4l0fu9iWyW

— J. Sperling Reich (@sperling) January 11, 2016 Read more…

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25 era-defining photos of David Bowie through the decades




Legendary British musician David Bowie revelled in his colourful life, which has sadly been cut short at the age of 69 — after an 18-month battle with cancer.

As the world pays tribute to the iconic musician, artist, actor, and all-’round magical human being — here’s a look back at the many characters of one of Earth’s most inspiring creatures.

From the birth of his persona, Ziggy Stardust, in the early ’70s through to the release of his 28th and final album, Blackstar on Jan. 8, Bowie changed the face of creative arts

Take a moment to appreciate the work of art he left behind. We are forever thankful. Read more…

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Londoners leave touching tributes to Brixton boy David Bowie




LONDON — The city that gave birth to David Bowie paid tribute on Monday morning to the London boy who went on to break boundary after boundary in rock and pop music across six decades.

Bowie’s death was announced early Monday morning just days after his 28th album was released. The artist had been battling cancer for over a year and a half

In his birthplace of Brixton, south London, people left flowers at a mural celebrating him


A painting and a candle are left below the mural.

Image: Anthony Devlin/PA Wire/Associated Press Read more…

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