Fujifilm’s X70 Is the Palm-Sized, Retro-Styled Camera We’ve Been Waiting For


Fujifilm's X70 Is the Palm-Sized, Retro-Styled Camera We've Been Waiting For

Fujifilm’s covetable line of retro-looking cameras is getting a slim, compact sibling. The X70 looks like just the camera a lot of people have been waiting for.

The x70 comes into to the line below Fujifilm’s top point-and-shoot, the X100T, which is totally awesome but a bit clumsy to handle, and very expensive at its $1300 list price. It’s fun to shoot with, but we would never buy one.

Fujifilm's X70 Is the Palm-Sized, Retro-Styled Camera We've Been Waiting For

Even without fully trying the X70 out, I’m already fearing for my credit card around when I’m around it. That said it’s not exorbitant; The $700 price point feels downright approachable for a high-quality camera.

Yes, and despite it’s slim build, there’s every indication that the X70 will be a powerful shooter. It’s got the same second-generation . 16.3 megapixel APS-C sensor as the X100T. Of course, this is a fixed lens camera, with a nice wide 18.5mm f/2.8 lens. It’s basically a street photographer’s joy.

Fujifilm's X70 Is the Palm-Sized, Retro-Styled Camera We've Been Waiting For

Fujifilm’s made some sacrifices on the external hardware to get the camera down in both size and price. The camera has no built-in optical viewfinder, however, Fujifilm will offer an external attachment you can slide one onto the hot shoe. What’s more, though the camera retains nice features like a few external controls and a pop-out touchscreen viewfinder, it’s just bit going to be quite as quick on the manual controls as the X100T because it doesn’t have a dial for every last possible setting.

Of course, in the point-and-shoot world, the X70 has competition. It’s most obvious competitor in both appearance and retro style is the Ricoh GR, which is teeny tiny, and has a super sharp lens. On the more the more fully-featured side of things, the Sony Rx100 line is very hard to argue with, especially given the blowout deals you can get on earlier models.

Fujifilm's X70 Is the Palm-Sized, Retro-Styled Camera We've Been Waiting For

The X70 hits next month, and we can’t wait to take it for a spin.

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