82-year-old man destroys a heavy metal classic on ‘America’s Got Talent’


Metalheads, rejoice: an octogenarian star is melting faces on America’s Got Talent.

John Hetlinger, an 82-year-old retired aerospace engineer who worked on the Hubble Space Telescope, wowed judges on this week’s episode with his highly badass rendition of Drowning Pool’s “Bodies,” which you might know as “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor.”

Seriously, dude can scream.

This week may have been Hetlinger’s television debut, but it was far from his first foray into heavy metal covers. In fact, a video of him performing the same track at a karaoke bar is recirculating on Reddit. (He told judge Simon Cowell that he started doing karaoke after he retired.)

He is also an Elvis impersonator, for some reason.

Hetlinger did make it through to the next round in AGT, but if that doesn’t work out, he’s definitely got other prospects. According to TMZ, Drowning Pool itself wants Hetlinger to join them onstage for Chicago’s Open Air Festival in July — and are offering to foot all his travel expenses.

Rock on.

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