6 Exotic Restaurants That Are Really Worth The Flight



Most restaurants look more or less the same, while some restaurants are so creative that they break the norms and let you have an exotic experience. Such experience is really worth the flight, even if you go to that city/country only for one day or even a few hours.

1. Dinner In The Sky (Available In More Than 45 Countries)


Looks virtual? But it’s real! Just like a floating city


It moves and lets you have different views throughout the meal




2. Served By Monkeys (Japan)

4471938841_0ae49a573c_oPhoto credit: http://ift.tt/29GgRWd

Monkeys have been known to be clever animals. And sometimes they’re famous for snatching food from people. What if they offer you food in this restaurant?

maxresdefault-2Photo credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzuhbA-syCE

I wonder…would these monkeys be paid by bananas?

Monkey-Waiters-PubPhoto credit: http://ift.tt/29HHKFz

3. Waterfall Restaurant (The Philippines)

labassin-waterfall-restaurant-ph0616Photo credit: http://ift.tt/1uJR3ZM
WFR011Photo credit: http://ift.tt/24ZElqr

4. Willy Wonka’s Restaurant (Orlando)

 toothsome2.0 Photo credit: http://ift.tt/252AKdP
wereew34sd32Photo credit: http://ift.tt/29HHAyc

5. Toilet Restaurant (Taiwan)

Modern_Toilet_Restaurant Photo credit: http://ift.tt/2amIReR

Amazing creativity

image_gallery Photo credit: http://ift.tt/29HHt5M

Dare to eat?

cPhoto credit: http://ift.tt/29GgM53

6. Cliff Restaurant (Italy)

IX8A6142Photo credit: http://ift.tt/29Gh5gl

Also the most romantic restaurant?

Cave-restaurantPhoto credit: http://ift.tt/29HHiY2

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