8 Easy Hip Stretches That Can Ease Lower Back Pain In 6 Minutes


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After a long day of working, especially at the desk, you might have some extreme lower back pain, with no way to relieve it. Well, I got news for you!

What do you need?

There is a way you can relieve it all on your own. The only equipment you need is an exercise mat. There are 8 hip stretches that will change your life!

How to do?

In the video, Ryan shows you 8 stretches to relieve lower back pain. He demonstrates the lying hip rotation, piriformis hip rotation, butterfly, frog, kneeling lunge, traveling butterfly, squatting internal rotations and pigeon. In each stretch Ryan demonstrates step by step, so you know exactly how to do the stretch without hurting yourself!

How long does it take?

Each stretch takes a minute or less, which makes it easy to fit to squeeze in as your morning routine or after work habit! All together, it takes a little over 6 minutes, for 8 stretches, so it can easily be done even with the busiest schedules!

In conclusion, no matter how busy your schedule is, if you have 6 minutes to spare, you can do these exercises! Whether before work, during a lunch break or even after work once you get home, these exercises can easily become a habit! The more you do these stretches the more flexible you will become, and the less pain you will feel in your lower back!

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