5 tiny off-grid pods that could replace your house


As energy and housing costs rise around the country, more and more people are opting for tiny houses and seeking ways to make their homes energy efficient, or even self-sufficient. 

Small, off-grid pods allow residents to do both — they take up very little space, can often be easily moved or assembled, and can harvest their own water and power. Take a look at five futuristic dwellings to inspire your future home design.

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The Ecocapsule is solar- and wind-powered.

Its roof is equipped with solar cells and a wind turbine, and the pod also has a rechargeable battery that can last at least four days should the renewable sources fail. The egg-like shape is designed to minimize heat loss.

The pod can collect water that lands on its surface, and filter it in a built-in tank.

Inside, the pod can fit a bed, a working and dining space, a toilet, a shower and a kitchenette. It has two openable windows and comes with a data network connection. To transport the pod, just roll it on its four extendable wheels.

50 limited-edition capsules are currently available at $87,777 each. A second generation of Ecocapsule is expected to be sold in 2017, and can be preordered on Ecocapsule’s website.

Well-known architect Renzo Piano designed the Diogene as a mini-house prototype for German furniture company Vitra.

Like the Ecocapsule, the Diogene is completely self-sufficient — it collects, filters and reuses water, and supplies its own power via solar panels.

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