Meet Don Marijuana, The Entrepreneur Who Created A $65 Million Empire By Legally Selling Cannabis Fertilizer


Marijuana Don

Michael Straumietis has a lot of nicknames. In cannabis industry circles he goes by Big Mike. On Instagram, where he puts his jet-setting marijuana lifestyle on display to over 500k followers, he goes by Marijuana Don.

Unless you frequent the pages of High Times researching cannabis growing methods, you probably aren’t familiar with him or his product. But in his own words, “if you grow or consume marijuana, you’ve benefited from something Big Mike has done”

As a tried and true ganja-preneur, Big Mike — founder and CEO of Advanced Nutrients — has managed to build a business empire around cannabis cultivation. “We manufacture marijuana fertilizer. Advanced Nutrients is the number one marijuana fertilizer brand in the world,” he tells me on the phone a day after flying home to Los Angeles after a vacation in Bulgaria. “We’re doing $65 million annually now, by the end of the year we should be in the $70s. Our company is growing extremely fast, our product can be found in over 90 countries around the world. It’s crazy because I started off illegally growing things and being the cool kid on the block.”

In the world of increasingly legalized pot use, Advanced Nutrients is selling shovels in a gold rush.

“Well, I just want to say that it is an agricultural business. You’re growing a crop…”

“I started growing marijuana at the age of 23,” he tells me. “Advanced Nutrients started because I was growing weed. I started a lawn care company when I was 19. It was one of those deals where you put the fertilizer on people’s lawns to turn it nice and green and kill off all the weeds. We were using pesticides and fungicides. I started fixing my own chemicals from scratch into those big thousand gallon trucks that we have and then going and spreading it on people’s lawns.”

“I’d been growing weed with the fertilizer. So one day I turned to my friend and say, ‘We can make this stuff. I know how to do it.’”

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605 Lb. Bro Loses 200 Lbs. In Less Than Two Years By Walking To Walmart For Food Every Day And Now He’s RIPPED



Pasquale “Pat” Brocco once tipped the scales at 605 pounds. It doesn’t matter how tall he is – at that weight, you’re flirting with death and offering to buy it drinks on a daily basis. After being warned by his doctor that his weight, combined with high blood pressure and cholesterol, was putting his life at risk, he decided to make a change.

At that size, however, it’s more or less physically impossible to go to the gym for exercise, as most machines aren’t built to accommodate someone of that size. Deciding to start out slow, Pat decided that every time he was hungry he would walk one mile to the closest Walmart, then back home to eat his meal.

In less than two years Pat lost 200 pounds through this method.

“You walk to Walmart three times a day, and you end up walking six miles,” he said in an interview with ABC News. “It’s amazing because I never walked six miles in my life, and I was doing it every day.”

After shedding some weight, Pat swapped out his Walmart routine for a gym routine, lifting weights and using equipment that his weight had previously restricted him from using. Now weighing in at a much healthier 275 pounds, he says that he now hopes that he can be a role model for his one-year-old son.

If you’re wondering what exactly Pat was eating to be able to make it up to 605 pounds, be warned…it’s not pretty, although his before and after photos are straight-up incredible:

Before weight loss (about 11,200 calories per day):
• Box of cereal
• 1/2 gallon whole milk
• 1 package peanut butter cups
• 1 candy bar
• 12-inch meatball and cheese submarine sandwich
• 100 fast food chicken nuggets
• 1 fast food apple pie
• 1 fast food milkshake
• 2 liters soda
• 4 doughnuts

After weight loss (about 2,250 calories per day):
• 2 gallons water
• About 20 egg whites
• 1 cup oatmeal
• 24 ounces chicken breast
• Green beans
• 6 ounces ground lean bison
• 32 almonds
• 1/2 sweet potato(via)

As I stand here and try to attempt the famous vacuum pose all I can think of is glad I never gave up! I had to Lose 100lbs ✔️ still overweight Lose another 100lbs ✔️still not enough Lose 100 more pounds ✔️ still not enough Lose 30 more ✔️ finally reached my goals Now I have loose skin that will get removed August 15 2016 by @drrepta_plasticsurgery ! Point is never give up never get discourage I almost did when every time I lost 20, 40, 50, or even 100lbs I was still obese! If I would of gave up I wouldn’t be making this post, I wouldn’t be motivating people, I might not even be alive! No matter how far it may seem no matter how hard it may get fight through it,keep pushing, never turn back you might just be inches away from your fortune! Just know it’s possible!! #fitnessmotivation #weightlossjourney #fitnessmotivation #weightloss #fatloss #nevergiveup #neverquit #workharder #workout #focus #neversettle #nodaysoff #beastmode #lifestyle #healthychoices #transformation #flex #bodybuilding #bodytransformation #itspossible

A photo posted by Mr. Focus 6’8 280 11% Bf (@possiblepat) on

It’s crazy how much we can change our bodies and this is a older picture! Trust me it possible if I can do it so can you! I’m super excited to see my body looks after surgery! I never had the body I wanted first I obese, then after losing the weight I now have loose skin! So after 3 years of busting my ass All that will change August 15 2016 thanks to @drrepta_plasticsurgery ‘! I did it for my health it’s was never for the look! To be honest it still isn’t! now it’s about motivating the world! I’m not going lie I’m still excited to see, i spent my entire life what out knowing! Once it’s all said and done I will step on stage and complete one chapter of my journey then it’s on to another! Fitness saves lives I know it saved mine #transformationtuesday #itpossible #teampossible #eatcleantraindirty #nevergiveup #backday #healthylifestyle #lifestyle #motivation #inspire #weightloss #weightlossjourney #fitness #fitnessjourney #fitfam #healthyfood #workout #workharder #nevergiveup #gymlife #swole #gymrat #wings #fatloss #trainhard #nodaysoff

A photo posted by Mr. Focus 6’8 280 11% Bf (@possiblepat) on











Now Watch: How Chris Pratt Went From Beer Belly To Hollywood’s Best Bod

[H/T ABC News]

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Tattoos that can control your phone are here and totally essential


Tattoos that can control your phone are here and totally essential

From researchers at MIT’s Media Lab comes DuoSkin, an on-skin interface that lets users control their mobile devices. 

The stylish circuits are made from skin-friendly gold leaf material and are applied with water like a traditional temporary tattoo.

Fusing connectivity, wearability and fashion, these devices could change the technology world.

from Mashable!