Cyclist Goes Full Superman, Beats Everyone



Pro tip to cyclists: sailing through the air horizontally while gripping your handlebars for dear life is the most efficient way downhill.

While this is 100 percent an ad for a fixie bike company, it appears to be both real, dangerous, and hugely effective. Just look at how this daredevil pulls ahead of everyone else! You can all stop spending too much money on teardrop-shaped frames now, because turning into Superman is clearly the aerodynamic edge the sport has been searching for.

Author’s note: don’t miss the Vespa woman’s face at 42 seconds. Chances are it’s the exact face you made earlier in the video.

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This New Odorless Underwear Lined With Silver Is A Game-Changer For Your Downstairs Parts


y athletics odorless underwear

Y Athletics – the same company that released odorless shirts and anti-stink socks – has a Kickstarter campaign to produce odorless underwear that’s lined with silver and won’t ride up into your cup area.

As of publish, they’ve raised well beyond their goal of $20,000, attracting more than 3,000 backers for a total exceeding $270,000. Each pair costs about $25, but you’ll only need to wear two pair per week. Plus, they look better than your smiley-face Joe Boxers from high school.

According to Y, you can wash the undies and they’ll never lose shape or effectiveness ever. It’s important to note, these aren’t diapers, so ease up on the pee and feces, B.

The campaign ends Saturday, August 27th, so get your pledges in at Kickstarter.

If you pick up a pair, make sure to remove them when you go to bed. Apparently, bad things happen to your genitals when you wear underoos to snooze.

If embarrassing boners are still an issue, there’s underwear for that problem as well.

If you’re looking to become a proud papa one day and you’re worried about frying your lil’ guys with your laptop, there’s underwear that protects you from radiation. Here at BroBible, we’ve got your balls and peen covered!

If you just want to see women try on men’s underwear, take down that Craigslist ad, and click here.

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The Genius Nail Capsule Captures Flying Finger Shrapnel

The Genius Nail Capsule Captures Flying Finger Shrapnel

For every genuinely clever device that manages to succeed on Kickstarter, there are 1,000 other ridiculous crowdfunding campaigns that thankfully don’t succeed. There’s a chance you might roll your eyes at the Nail Capsule, unless you’re not a monster and hate the thought of fingernail clippings flying all over the place.

The Genius Nail Capsule Captures Flying Finger Shrapnel

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how the Nail Capsule works, but if you’re having a hard time wrapping your head around it, you stick a finger in one end of the tube, nail clippers in the other, and go to work.

Flexible rubber membranes on either end allow access to appendages and clippers, but trap fingernail shrapnel so you can easily dispose of them later.

The creator of the Fingernail Capsule, Gerard O’Leary, is trying to raise just north of $3,700 to help put his invention into production, and with a pledge of just shy of $8 you can help make it a reality, and get one for yourself in a couple of months. As far as crowdfunding risks go, the Finger Capsule doesn’t exactly require the skillsets you’d find in a factory like Foxconn to manufacture it, so putting it into production shouldn’t be that much of a problem. And risking $8 sure seems worth never having to step on a disgusting piece of fingernail ever again.

[Kickstarter – Fingernail Capsule via OddityMall]

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Would You Eat Here? The World’s Weirdest and Most Wonderful Restaurants


Going out to eat isn’t just about the food. It’s about the whole experience, and a big part of that is the restaurant’s design. While a beautifully designed space can certainly enhance your enjoyment of a meal, the restaurants we’re talking about today go beyond even that, with weird, wild and outlandish designs that perhaps overshadow even the food itself, for an experience you won’t soon forget.

This restaurant where patrons dine with their feet in the water (spotted on Twisted Sifter) is a real place in the Philippines. The waterfall is actually the spillway from a dam, but that doesn’t keep patrons from dipping their toes (and sometimes their whole bodies) in it. The waterfall restaurant is located at the Villa Escudero Resort, and is only open for lunch. Flip-flops recommended.

The Bangalore Express restaurant in London features six of these incredibly unique, and perhaps a little terrifying, two-story booths. Apparently they’re quite popular with customers, although there’s no word on how waiters actually get food up there. See more on Design Boom.

The River Cafe at the Saklikent Gorge Club in Turkey has seating that hovers above a river that runs through the bottom of the namesake gorge, one of the deepest in the world. I’m sure the food is delicious, but it might not be able to compete with the view. Image by travel blogger Polkadot Passport, via her Instagram.

Eating at this booth at the Odessa Restaurant in Kiev is a little bit like having dinner inside a macrame wall hanging. The rest of the decor is definitely worth checking out as well.

The Grotta Palazzese Restaurant, spotted on Trendland, has the distinction of being located in a cave, on a cliff, overlooking the Adriatic Sea. The restaurant is only open during the summer months, so make your reservations soon.

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Seven innovative social media marketing tools you should be using


Is your social media marketing campaign a little lackluster? Are you getting results, but not nearly to the scale you would prefer?

Many marketers face this problem, especially given the constantly evolving nature of social media.

What makes social platforms so unique is that they are impacted almost entirely not by the features they provide, but how people use them.

Twitter was developed to be a micro blogging platform, but users constantly find ways around the character restriction.

Facebook was meant for only communicating with people the user knows in real life, but the average user now has dozens of people they have never met on their feed.

Since social media is ultimately defined by how it is used at any given moment, it can be hard to customize a marketing campaign to properly meet its complexities. But that doesn’t mean it is impossible; with the right tools, it become infinitely easier to achieve.

Here are seven innovative social media marketing tools that you have to check out.

1. Yotpo Instagram Curation

Yotpo Instagram Curation

Yotpo has just launched a cool Instagram tool to play with. I don’t really think there’s an alternative. The tool lets you search Instagram using as many search terms as you want within one search results page.

You can interact with search results in two ways:

  • You can public any content to your pages (thus curating Instagram content into your brand and product reviews)
  • You can ask for permission to re-publish any Instagram update (Thus engaging with your (future) customers and niche influencers on Instagram)

Finally, you can display curated Instagram photos on your product pages using Yotpo widget that helps you convert more visitors into customers and building loyalty.

2. UpContent


Content curation is a pretty steady part of social engagement at this point. But it is also one of the more time consuming, and that means your ability to take part in it, while still focusing on proper branding, is a little bit limited.

I like UpContent because it makes the process a million times easier and faster. They have some really great filters that customize your searches beyond the usual ‘most related’ and ‘most recently uploaded’. Plus it integrates with both Hootsuite and Buffer, both tools most of us have at this point.

3. Introduce


When are you most active on Twitter? What have your favorite influencers been up to? What are the stats of the competition on the social network? Introduce answers all of that and more, with nothing but a Twitter handle and approximately ten seconds of analysis time.

Find out anything you need to know about someone’s Twitter habits, including your own. It makes customizing your strategy much easier, if you know what others are doing. This tool will make relationship building and lead generation on Twitter much easier!

4. Wiserbots


Facebook has been opening their chatbot service up to brands on a mass scale, and a lot of people are taking advantage of it. Unfortunately, making automated chatbots can be a difficult process. We are talking about artificial intelligence, after all. If you don’t have the expertise to make an AI, or the money to hire someone to do it for you, what you need is a tool that makes it easier.

Wiserbots is that tool. It guides you through the process, automates much of it, and lets you make a smarter bot to boot.

5. Linkedin career app

Linkedin career app

There are actually several LinkedIn apps that you can choose from, and any one of them might be useful to you. But my personal favorite is LinkedIn Job Search.

Did you know that almost two-thirds of Fortune 500 CEOs prefer LinkedIn as their choice social network. This makes Linkedin a goldmine for finding a dream job in an interesting startup!

You can search out jobs in your professional network, get notified of new career opportunities and use your existing connections to be approved. If you want to find a better way to network on a B2B level, this is definitely how to do it.

You will get access to various tricks on how to improve your employability by completing your profile, adding achievements and requesting recommendations. Writing a solid Linkedin resume is actually huge. I’ve always envied people who can describe their career path with lots inspiration and creativity. I am not like this. I hate talking about myself.

Here are some tips on improving your Linkedin profile if you are on a job hunt and planning to use the app.

6. BundlePost


What if you could create tailor made posts, properly researched and hashtagged, for 3 – 5 days ahead of schedule, and do it all in 20 minutes max? Well, you would probably lose your mind, because scheduling posts is one of the most annoying and time consuming parts of social media marketing, right?

BundlePost allows you to do this, automating much of the process so you can do more, in less time, with better results. Leaving your time open to engaging in a meaningful way with your audience.

7. PhotoSync


It may sound kind of funny, but out of everything that drives me crazy about social media marketing, it is moving images and videos from one place to another. Because Instagram only works on mobile, it throws off my entire process. I hate using the Hootsuite mobile app, which is how I was doing things before.

Now I just sync up all of my media through all of my accounts and devices using PhotoSync. It has made my days much less frustrating.

Do you have an innovative social media marketing tool you think belongs on this list? Have you used one of the tools above? Let us know in the comments.

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