Here’s The Do-Anywhere HIIT Bodyweight Workout That Requires Less Than 30 Mins, But The Results Are Far More Effective Than Expected

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Due to their busy schedule, people do not have time to hit the gym on daily basis . But only a 20-minute workout can help in keeping the body fit and in perfect shape. Take up a quick workout that will help you in saving a lot of time and energy. A quick workout will help you in gaining energy, boost your stamina and make you active for all day long.

A simple rescue to healthy body goals is HIIT. Making HIIT your favorite workout will be the best thing you will do for your body. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training which has short exercise sets that can be performed anywhere. It is basically designed for the people who are very busy in their life.

What is HIIT?

HIIT is very popular these days due to its time-saving yet efficient workout regime programs. It is a training technique that saves lot of time and gives intense bursts of exercise, followed by relaxed sessions of short intervals.

HIIT is best for those who do not have time for exercise from their packed-up schedule. You might have other important things to cater to, but ignoring your health will never work in your favor. HIIT has many benefits on the body and it is better than a long session of gym. The many effectiveness of the HIIT includes:

  1. The training keeps the heart rate up to burn more fat in less time.
  2. It increases the metabolism of the body.
  3. It saves a lot of time as sessions are short and quick.
  4. It makes body lose weight, not muscles.
  5. It can be done anywhere, and anytime suited to your schedule

Why HIIT is best for busy people?

For busy people, HIIT is the best option as it’s an apt workout for the body and takes less time than usual. It is a 20-minute session, which includes easy fast exercise sessions. The best thing about fat-blasting sessions is that you do not need any heavy equipment to exercise. So, there is always freedom to exercise anywhere whether you are outdoor or indoor.

This high-intensity technique burns out more fat then a normal gym session and on a faster rate as well. If you have more than 20-minutes at hand, then you can repeat this session few times in a day as well.

HIIT not only loses your weight but it also helps in building up your muscles. It can be mixed up with lot of exercises, which keeps up your interest in exercise as you wouldn’t not get bored with same old routine. It gets you going and keeps you active by saving a lot of energy.

HIIT increases the athletic capacity of the body. You do not have to do all the exercises at the same time, just take small sessions first and then increase the timing and exercises.

How to adapt to exercising?

Make it a habit to adapt HIIT on regular basis, it will help in major ways.

Just sticking to HIIT for six days in a week will do the trick and give you a healthy body. You just have to make sure that you make out 20-minutes in your daily schedule for keeping up with the health of your body. Giving yourself excuses and multiple reasons on why not to do exercise would not help. Just remember, the exercises are very simple and burns your carbs in an effective way.

Guide for HIIT Body weight Workout

Doing HIIT is very simple and easy on daily basis. The best combination of HIIT program that you can choose includes 10 burpees, 20 squats, 20 skater’s lunges, 20 diver’s push-ups.

All these exercises are easy to do and can be done anywhere, even in your office. These exercises are in range of 10 to 20 sets and gives you maximum workout and fat burn when you perform them. You do not have to push your body hard and need no special equipment for this session.


  1. Burpees: The program involves doing 10 burpees on the go. A simple roll and stretch exercise. To do it, simply stand all stretched and go to squat position. Now, stretch your legs backwards and move to plank. After one push-up, go back to squat and then standing up.
  2. Squats: You will be required to do 20 squats. This will improve body balance. Stand in a stretched position and sit (like you would on a chair).  Your knees should not be beyond the toes and your back must remain straight.
  3. Skater’s Lunges: The program requires 20 skater’s lunges, 10 for each leg. It should be done alternatively on each leg. To do the exercise, hinge on your hip by keeping your back straight, both hands on one thigh and moving forward then pressing down.
  4. Diver’s Push-Ups: Diver’s push-ups are performed by going down on all fours and then gently pushing your hips upwards. Create an inverted V with your legs and hands touching the floor. Lower your shoulders towards the floor and keep your chest away from the ground. Your chest should be pushed forward, head should be up and arms should be straight with lower back in arch form. Do this workout for 20 times to get the most benefit out of this HIIT program.

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