A Katana Slicing Roses in Slo-Mo Is a Perfect Metaphor For Your Last Few Valentine’s Days



Does just the thought of February 14 fill you with dread? Did you spend the last couple of Valentine’s Days alone, in bed, eating Häagen-Dazs straight from the tub? If this video of roses being sliced up with a katana blade in slow motion seems like the perfect metaphor for your love life, it might also make you feel a little better about the worst of the Hallmark holidays.

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Here’s a Pretty Legit Gibsonian Cyberdeck

Here's a Pretty Legit Gibsonian Cyberdeck
Image: D10D3/IMGUR

Back in the mid-80’s, the “cyberdeck”—the neural-connected, on-the-go interface from William Gibson’s Sprawl Trilogy—captured the imagination of every cyberpunk fan. IMGUR user D10D3 has uploaded pics of one of the slickest attempts at a real Ono-Sendai Cyberspace 7 I’ve seen.

Built using a dead Commodore 64c, Raspberry Pi 3 and an assortment of connectors, this thing really captures that beautiful ground between hi-tech and outdated that defines cyberpunk in the popular consciousness. I’m sure once you’ve strapped this thing on you feel confident in your abilities to jack-in, break some ICE and topple corporate scum.

The user responsible for this masterpiece has published detailed instructions on how to build one yourself here. Most of the parts needed are easily available but D10D3 did have to fabricate the LCD case and slide mechanism. A commenter on the post asked where to get the stickers and has received no response; you can get a variation on the Hosaka bar-code sticker here.

Flick through the slideshow below to see the cyberdeck from all angles. Image number 15 will give you a sweet peek at the guts.

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Guess What IKEA Found In Their Research Study — Video from Apartment Therapy


One of the ways IKEA continues to improve its products and services is through research. As the Head of Research for IKEA, Mikael Ydholm’s job is to conduct focus groups and other studies to determine how customers feel and react to IKEA products.

Throughout his nearly twenty-year tenure at IKEA, Mikael has gathered a lot of global research, but there is one discovery that really stands out. He shares this finding with Maxwell Ryan, CEO and Founder of Apartment Therapy. From this study, Mikael was fascinated to see how people interact with one of their everyday products. In fact, it helped enhance this specific piece further. Which product was it and what did he learn? Watch the video to find out.

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A Skateboard Made From Bulletproof Glass Must Be Indestructible



The last time the amateur inventors at Braille Skateboarding attempted to make a deck from a sheet of glass, it shattered as soon as they stepped on it. But when they upgraded to bulletproof glass instead, not surprisingly, their second attempt at making a see-through skateboard was far more durable—almost to the point of being indestructible.

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OPPENHEIMER: Twitter doesn’t make sense at this price (TWTR)


Jack Dorsey

After news of a potential acquisition on Friday, shares of Twitter shot up 22% in trading, going from just over $18.50 per share to more than $22 per share.

According to Jason Helfstein, an analyst at Oppenheimer, no one should buy Twitter because with a stagnating user base and dwindling impact, even at just $22.75 per share, the social media company isn’t worth it.

"At $22 per share, we believe that Twitter is fully valued at best, and potentially overvalued, precluding a potential acquirer from paying a normal take-out premium from the last trading price," said Helfstein in a note to clients. "In addition, we see any acquirer factoring in the large capital investment necessary to make Twitter’s platform competitive again."

Helfstein argued that since Twitter’s user base is not growing, newer rivals such as Snapchat have already outpaced it in terms of user engagement (the analyst declared Twitter to be the "sixth-best social media platform"), and there has been negative coverage surrounding harassment on the platform

Additionally, said Helfstein, the attempts at reigniting user interest in the platform through Olympics coverage and steaming the NFL’s Thursday Night Football games have failed. The Thursday night football engagement was particularly disappointing according to the note.

"It is our belief that the stream would have done better if it were offered on a platform with a wider reach, such as Facebook," said Helfstein. "Again, we don’t see any significant increase in search interest for Twitter on the day of the first Thursday Night Football stream, September 15th."

Screen Shot 2016 09 26 at 9.51.06 AM

To be fair, comparing Twitter’s stream to linear TV is a bit of a stretch given that online streams for live events typically underperform linear TV. Additionally, the stream drew generally positive reviews and one can only speculate how many people would have watched the stream on another platform.

Regardless, its obvious that Twitter’s growth has slowed, and for that reason Helfstein thinks that it no longer makes sense for any buyer at the current price. For two of the largest rumored buyers — Salesforce and Microsoft — Helfstein thinks there is no chance.

"Lastly, media reports state Twitter’s asking price at about $30 billion," said the note. "We don’t believe that Salesforce would be willing to pay 60% of its market cap for Twitter. Microsoft is obviously out of the question, having just acquired LinkedIn."

SEE ALSO: Here’s one overlooked reason it makes total sense for Salesforce to buy Twitter

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Take a Deep Breath Before Watching This Slackliner Risk His Neck



Here’s a good reason to be happy about finding yourself perched on an office chair behind a desk on a Monday morning. You can safely watch Ryan Paul Robinson attempt to slackline over surf-pounded rocks to the 105-feet tall Moai Tower in Tasmania with a coffee in one hand and a danish in the other. Although, like Robinson, your heart might be pounding by the end of it.


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Everything We Know about Google Penguin 4.0


penguin-4-0Google Penguin 4.0 was officially announced on Friday and I’ve waited a few days to collect various questions and observations.

I’ll be updating this post as more questions and observations are coming.

So what do we know by now?

From the official announcement:

  • Penguin 4.0 is real time (and part of algorithm): Google will determine if a web page should be affected by Penguin filter as it crawls the page. This means, you won’t need to wait till the next Penguin update to see if your site is no longer affected by it. The filter may be removed as soon as Google re-crawls the page again. This also means this is the last officially announced update.
  • Penguin 4.0 is now “granular” which sounds like it may affect pages or sections of the site, not always entire sites.

What does it mean?

Penguin will be hard to diagnose

With no dates and official announcements, Penguin will become very hard to diagnose, especially if the site is partially effected.

This means a thorough professional backlink profile audit is more important than ever.

Should disavow still be used?

Yes, it has been confirmed that Disavowing bad links is a viable option after you did you due diligence in removing them.

URLs is the disavow file should be re-crawled for those backlinks to be discounted (same as before)

Observations so far:

It looks like the impact has been very mild but it only confirms that Penguin is now real time: It takes time to crawl the web!

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