Here’s a Pretty Legit Gibsonian Cyberdeck

Here's a Pretty Legit Gibsonian Cyberdeck
Image: D10D3/IMGUR

Back in the mid-80’s, the “cyberdeck”—the neural-connected, on-the-go interface from William Gibson’s Sprawl Trilogy—captured the imagination of every cyberpunk fan. IMGUR user D10D3 has uploaded pics of one of the slickest attempts at a real Ono-Sendai Cyberspace 7 I’ve seen.

Built using a dead Commodore 64c, Raspberry Pi 3 and an assortment of connectors, this thing really captures that beautiful ground between hi-tech and outdated that defines cyberpunk in the popular consciousness. I’m sure once you’ve strapped this thing on you feel confident in your abilities to jack-in, break some ICE and topple corporate scum.

The user responsible for this masterpiece has published detailed instructions on how to build one yourself here. Most of the parts needed are easily available but D10D3 did have to fabricate the LCD case and slide mechanism. A commenter on the post asked where to get the stickers and has received no response; you can get a variation on the Hosaka bar-code sticker here.

Flick through the slideshow below to see the cyberdeck from all angles. Image number 15 will give you a sweet peek at the guts.

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