The miniature Nintendo that Japan’s getting is way cooler than the US one

All the way back in July, Nintendo tickled the nostalgia of
Nintendo fans by announcing
a miniature, $60 version of its original console
. The NES
Classic Edition has 30 built-in classic games, and you’ll be able
to get it on November 10.

If you live in Japan, however, it’s a bit of a different story.
In its home country, the NES was known as the Famicom (short for
“family computer”), and it had a different design. The
controllers were actually hard-wired to the console, so you
placed them in little cradles on the side of the console when you
were done playing.

Basically, the Famicom is rad.

Accordingly, Nintendo has announced the Japanese version of the
NES Classic Edition called the Mini-Famicom. Here’s how it looks:

mini famicom
Look at that thing! It’s


It sounds like it’s the same basic deal: For ¥5,980 (roughly $60
USD), you get 30 built-in Famicom games, two controllers, and the
system itself, which connects to modern TVs via HDMI. It
looks like it recreates the basic design of the Famicom in a
smaller form factor, which means the bolted-on controllers are
probably smaller as a result. 

The game library is largely the same
as it is in the U.S.
, with a few exceptions. For example, the
American football classic “Tecmo Bowl” has been replaced by
“Tsuppari Oozumou,” a sumo wrestling game.

It connects via HDMI just like the western version, so you can
almost certainly just import one and play it if you so desire.
The games will obviously all be in Japanese, but if you care
about importing something from Japan, I assume you understand
what you’re getting into.

Overall, though, this thing is way cooler than the one we’re
getting. The cradles for the controllers, the color scheme, and
the big “Family Computer” logo on the front all contribute to an
amazing console design that I think wins out over the western

The Mini-Famicom comes out in Japan on November 10. Here’s the
trailer for it:

from SAI