This Lego Death Star Build Video Is Ridiculously Satisfying


Lego’s Star Wars constructions kits are legendary. Even though the company has dozens of cool kits based on popular movies, there’s still nothing like seeing your favorite Star Wars characters miniaturized and given the proper Lego treatment.

YouTube user Bar Van Dijkwent went a step further. He built the new Lego Death Star (Item #75159 to all the collectors) in front of a camera and put together a nice little stop-motion video for everyone. The results are incredible.

Not only do we get to see how difficult it is to connect all 4016 Lego pieces in the right places, but we also get to watch iconic scenes on the Death Star come to life—like the ones in Emperor Palpatine’s throne room and the trash compactor. The creator even spliced in some audio from the original movies to really set the scene. This is by far the most satisfying Star Wars Lego video we’ve ever seen.

[Bar Van Dijkwent]

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