Combining Skiing and Wingsuits Seems Like a Very Bad Idea


One reason a product ends up on crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo is because companies, or investors, have deemed it too dangerous to bring to market. Wearing a wingsuit while skiing seems like it would make an already dangerous sport even riskier, but you can still pre-order one via Indiegogo.

Looking a cross between the superhero cape you used to run around in as a five year old, and the wingsuits that let daredevils zip through the air, the Wingjump can dramatically increase your hang time after launching off a ramp or mogul while skiing downhill. It won’t actually let you fly, however, and should in no way be used as a parachute if you decide to ski off the edge of a mountain.

The creators of the Wingjump claim their creation can actually help make skiing safer, because in addition to increased hang time, it can also double as a drag chute, letting you easily control your speed and stabilize your downhill run. There’s no doubt it works that way too, but few people will be donating to the Wingjump’s $22,000+ Indiegogo campaign looking for increased safety.

There are three versions of the Wingjump available, but it’s the extra-large $350 Activ’Carve that most thrill seekers are going to want to contribute to. Delivery is expected sometime in December of this year, assuming the Indiegogo campaign is a success, and production goes smoothly. So it should arrive just in time for the skiing season here, but there’s no reason you can’t also wear the wings while you’re riding a bike, rollerblading, or other outdoor activities that just seem too safe.

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