Lolita 2.0: Questions raised about older men’s brains installed in young women’s bodies

Those with the proper financial means can now live essentially forever by transplanting their brains into a never-ending series of body hosts.

Which raises the question: Just because someone can potentially live forever, should they?

Using innovative Mind Transference technology, med startup HEAVENCANWAIT has developed a program that provides a selection of deceased donor bodies of different ages and genders to its clients — and upon transfer, the body animates with the mind and consciousness of its new brain. The program also offers the option to adopt a new identification and re-enter the world as essentially a different person. (The brains from many donor bodies are rumored to go to the recently maligned PRNT3ED.) 

Many have lauded the unprecedented technology for its obvious benefits, as it essentially provides human eternity like the storied and likely mythical Holy Grail, but it provides the added opportunity to explore life in various bodies beyond one’s original form they were birthed in — which is hugely beneficial to the aging, severely injured and physically disabled of the world.

But just as with many burgeoning technological advancements, it comes with a very serious dark side.

Image: mashable/alisa stern

Nubile new bodies and nefarious plans

Some of the first to use the technology following its testing rounds have used it in ways that have many questioning the technology itself and the vetting process one should undergo before being allowed admittance into the program.

Several wealthy, elderly men who have opted to transfer into the bodies of objectively attractive young women have been using their new bodies to sexually prey on men, who they then con out of massive amounts of money that adds to their already deep pockets and ensures they’ll continue to be able to afford brain transfers again in the future.

This according to Ries Maynard, who, in an exclusive interview with Mashable, claims to have been one of the alleged old-men-turned-femme-fatales who have assumed new identities and are using a combination of their newfound feminine wiles and the mind of a full life lived as a man.

“It’s a dangerous combination, having this attractive body and the knowledge of what men want and how you can easily fool them into giving you what you want,” says Maynard, who was 84 with terminal lung cancer just over a year ago when he assumed the body of a 22-year-old who had died of a drug overdose. He says he and several other acquaintances chose young and nubile female bodies with the intention of conning “Sugar Daddies” out of their money.

“When you have money, and a lot of it, there are so many ways to get what you want, sexually and otherwise, and you’ll pay women and give them things for it,” says Maynard by telephone, in the voice of a young woman. “And lots of older men, they don’t watch their money, so if you know what you’re doing they’re some of the easiest targets.”

To his knowledge, there are at least seven former men who set out as women to embezzle funds from men, which they initially planned to do over “a few years,” thus ensuring their wealth would be replenished enough from their initial payment for the extremely expensive transplant operation to enable them to do it again, and maybe multiple times. According to Maynard, the combined money he made stealing and receiving gifts from three different men over a period of less than a year amounted to more than $1.8 billion. (A Mind Transference procedure costs around $2.5 billion, and the fees for HEAVENCANWAIT’s services are not public, but are likely very costly.)

“I had, and I think a lot of other guys will say the same, always wanted to know what it was like to be a woman, and was interested in trying it, though I won’t lie and say that was my main motivation in choosing a female body,” Maynard says. “It was this scheme, and if I were going to do another transplant, I’d go back to male. But I don’t know about the others.”

Coming clean

So why is Maynard coming forth to confess his crimes? Why didn’t he remain quiet and undergo another transplant?

In short: Syphilis. 

As an unpleasant (though many would say not unfair) parting gift from one of his suitors, Maynard contracted a fairly new and rare strand of the sexually transmitted disease that is both hyper-aggressive and currently completely untreatable. Traditionally, untreated strands of Syphilis haven’t hit late stage symptoms until at least 12 months after contraction, but Maynard is already experiencing late-stage symptoms that include brain damage.

Enough brain damage that it would stay with him even if he did another transference.

“I’ll die soon, and maybe it’s meant to be that way,” he says, adding that finding out he’s facing death when he’d thought he’d found a way to possibly live for hundreds of years made him do some soul-searching. “I’ve done horrible things to people, and it should be known. I want others to know what I did, so it won’t happen to them.”

Maynard has come clean and returned the money he hadn’t already spent to the three men he took it from. 

He refuses, however, to name the others he plotted with, saying it “wouldn’t be right” for him to blow the whistle on them when he’d been doing the same thing.

HEAVENCANWAIT declined to comment on Maynard’s claims, and say they will not release the former identities of others who have undergone transplants, as per company policy.

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