Can’t Find Two Trees to String Up Your Hammock? Just Use Your Car


What’s the point of going camping if at some point you don’t get to lazily lounge around in a hammock? It’s an essential part of escaping to the great outdoors. But what if you can’t find two suitable trees to hang your hammock? As long as you brought your car along, you’ve got a backup.

The Roadie Car Stand, from Eagle Nest Outfitters, is actually a pair of vertical supports held in place by the weight of your vehicle. You simply place each one in front of the tires on one side of your car, and then drive it forward so that the tires are resting on each base.

Assuming you’re not driving a tiny smart car, the Roadie Car Stand supports should be far enough apart to string up a hammock, and they’re angled away from the vehicle so you can swing back and forth without hitting its doors. At $200 it’s a pricey solution to a first world problem, and you’ll want to make sure you pack all your camping gear on the other side of your car so it’s still accessible when someone is lounging.

[Eagles Nest Outfitters via GearJunkie]

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