Kayaker Fends For Safety While Being Charged By Enormous Sharks In Tense AF Encounter

Sharks Frenzy Ascension Island


Ascension Island is a little slice of paradise found in the South Atlantic Ocean, and it’s home to some of the best fishing in the world. Late last November the fishing world actually saw a crazy world record broken in Ascension Island when a woman caught the 4th largest Blue Marlin ever, and the largest ever caught by a woman.

This story is a horse of a different color, and it’s spooky as hell. In this clip below, we see a man in a kayak being repeatedly charged by a school of crazed sharks…Not just one shark, multiple sharks in some sort of a frenzy:

It’s hard to tell exactly where this clip originated because that one above and this one below were both uploaded to Instagram at roughly the same time but in this one, the caption is speaking in the first person, though the clip above has more views:

Sharky paddle. After freediving with these amazing creatures all day they followed our boat in.

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What’s interesting is that if you check the comments in the above clip you’ll see a bunch of conservationists talking about how wrong it is to hit a shark with a kayak paddle and completely ignoring the fact that this dude was being swarmed by a school of gigantic sharks worked up into a dangerous frenzy. Sharks aren’t EVER going out of their way to attack humans, it’s just not in their nature, but they get worked up into a frenzy the same way a boxer does and in that moment they have the capacity to become very dangerous…It’s lucky that this kayaker was able to get out of there unschathed.

Big shout out to Rob at Outdoors360 for tracking down this clip!

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