Check Out These Ridiculous Presidential Plane And Limo Designs Fit For President-Elect Trump


It’s time Presidential transportation got as flashy and ridiculous as Presidential politics. Luckily there’s a science fiction director up to the task.

Donald Trump will definitely be getting a brand-new presidential limousine when he takes office next year, but science fiction director Neill Blomkamp has something a little more reflective of our President-elect’s tastes:

Blomkamp is known for directing numerous dystopian near-future films commentating on humanity’s dangerous and violent tendencies and our capacity to reject and threaten those that are different from us, so it’s odd that he’s suddenly interested in making a slight mockery of our new President-elect.

Either way, the new design for Air Force One is pretty bad ass, and worthy of any man or woman who can rightfully claim they are the most powerful person in the world. Blomkamp’s render of the motorcade is a little more flashy, which should blend perfectly with the gold lettering on Trump’s personal plan as well as his giant golden New York tower.

It’s too bad our new President’s vehicles wont be as representative of his style. I think Blomkamp might be on to something.

Via Quartz

from Gizmodo