How to Find the Perfect Domain Name, Create Infographics and More


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On this episode of Answers to Questions, Entrepreneur Network partner John Meyer of Lemonly discusses domain names, infographics and entrepreneurship. 

Answering questions from curious viewers from around the world, Meyer dives right into domain names and branding. Lemonly changed its web address from to in 2013. Meyer explains how important it is to have a .com URL is because it shows authority and credibility.

When it comes to infographics, a viewer asks: “I have a small business. Who on my team should be in charge of infographics?” Meyer’s answer: “you.” As the CEO of a small team, there’s no one more equipped to tell the story of your company.

Finally, Meyer responds to an inquiry about the right time to leave full employment in pursuit of other ventures. “Now!” he says. There’s never going to be a right time, so it’s best to start now. Although that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to leave your job — you can work nights and weekends.

For Meyer’s full responses, click play. 

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