Night Surfing Under The Brightest Super Moon In 69 Years Looks As Cool As It Sounds

We all saw the Super Moon this week. I actually even convinced my better half to eat dinner in the back yard on Monday night while staring up at the moon. She lasted roughly 20-seconds before realizing that eating pasta under the moonlight is only cool in cartoons, and in real-life you actually end up with pasta all over your lap. So we abandoned that quickly and went back inside to watch the Tampa Bay Lightning completely dismantle the New York Islanders.

I thought that eating food underneath the Super Moon was the best activity you could involving the largest moon in 69 years (appearing 15% larger than normal) and that’s because I’m a slob who loves to eat. But I was wrong, surfing underneath the Super Moon is the best/coolest possible way to enjoy the monumental occasion.

I’ve always been a sucker for a good night surfing clip, and am easily blown away by how cool those LED surfboards look at night. But this is some next level footage right here.

If you’re looking for more night surfing footage, this clip from Morocco (jump ahead to around the 2min mark) is my favorite:

[h/t TheInertia]

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