Now even Twitter is copying Snapchat


In case you needed more proof that the best way to make a lame tech trend cool is for Snapchat to do it first, Twitter is now adopting QR codes, too.

The social network added a new QR code feature to its apps Wednesday that allows you to follow other users by scanning QR codes linked to their profiles.

It works just like Snapchat’s Snap Codes: pull up the new in-app camera to scan another user’s code. This brings up a preview of their profile where you can opt to follow them. 

The feature is somewhat hidden in the latest version of Twitter’s iOS and Android apps. In both cases, you can find your code in your Settings. On iOS, you’ll have to head to your profile, then the Settings menu and tap "QR Code." On Android, QR codes are under the "…" menu. From here, you can also switch to the QR code scanner, if you want to scan someone else’s code. 

Unlike Snapchat’s Snap Codes, you can’t customize your QR code on Twitter, though each one displays your profile picture with the code. You can, however, change the color: Twitter changes the color of the code each time you open it, so if you don’t like the color you get the first time around, keep checking for a new one.

The feature is a bit clunky for now, as it’s hidden underneath a couple layers of settings menus, but for some it might be a useful way to try and get new followers.


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