See the Earth as International Space Station astronauts see it

There’s no shortage of videos of Earth as seen from space. Indeed, NASA has a direct, high definition stream of Earth as seen from the International Space Station. But a new video gets you as close as possible to the experience of actually being aboard the ISS and watching our home planet from there. 

The 360-degree video, posted by RT News (and spotted by Engadget) has astronaut Andrey Borisenko carry a camera into the Cupola, an observatory mounted on the side of the ISS that faces Earth. 

The video is interactive, so you can spin the camera away from Borisenko and towards anything you like. The Cupola bit starts at about the 1:30 mark. 

Of course, the experience will be even better if you have a VR headset such as Google Daydream View, Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR. 

The video is the second installment in RT’s series of 360-degree videos from the ISS. For the first one, go here

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