You’ll Never Vacation In The Caribbean After Seeing This GINORMOUS Spider That’s The Size Of A Tortoise


What do you think when you hear the words “Dominican Republic?” Do you dream about white powdery beaches with warm caressing breezes? Do you think about all-inclusive resorts where you have unlimited access to shitty house rum and tequila in plastic bottles that are sure to disable you the next day with a mind-splitting hangover? Let me show you a part of the D.R. that isn’t promoted by travel agents – blood-curdling, gigantic spiders that are the size of a tortoise!!!

While exploring a rainforest in the Dominican Republic, these British tourists encounter a humungous spider that will bring you nightmares for days. Their vehicle broke down and they were attempting to remedy it.

A woman says, “It’s coming back with a vengeance.” Then out of the bush crawls the biggest spider that I’ve ever seen.

As the enormous, black arachnid creeps closer she warns, “Don’t move! Don’t move!”

Let’s hope that the woman was not eaten by this eight-legged monster.

Many believe that it is a Hispaniolan Giant Tarantula, known locally as a “Cacata.” These gargantuan creatures have fangs that are a half an inch long that pierce the body of a victim. Then venom is injected, which paralyzes and breaks down the body tissue of the prey, allowing the tarantula to suck up the liquified insides. Its bite is not harmful to humans but can cause irritation and swelling. Some people even keep these beasts as pets. Those people are sick in the head.

So a word of caution to those vacationing in the D.R., stay the fuck outta the rainforest and just get plastered at the resort.


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