The Latest Internet Challenge Is The ‘One Finger Challenge’ Where You Take A Naked Selfie And Use One Finger To Censor Yourself


Move over, Mannequin Challenge. There’s another challenge getting ready to sweep the web. Today the YouTube personality Aimee Davison (…previously known for using her boobs to paint pictures of Donald Trump) alerts us to a trend called “The One Finger Challenge.” The idea is that women and men take naked selfies and try to use just wonder finger to censor themselves to make the photo as SFW as possible (tho still not *that* SFW, because…. skin). via the YouTube description:

There is a new selfie challenge out from Japanese Anime artist Sky-freedom called the one finger selfie challenge where you use one finger to cover the private parts of your anatomy. You censor yourself with a single digit. I didn’t think it was possible, but it is!

According to The Daily Dot, dudes are getting in on the challenge too.


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