This Tiny Gaming Console Can Play Retro Games From 28 Different Systems


Aside from the pointlessly short controller cables, the only other complaint we have with Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition is that it only comes with 30 classic games. There are so many classic consoles and retro titles to choose from, which is why the RetroEngine Sigma might be a better alternative since it promises to emulate over 28 different classic gaming machines.

Nostalgic gamers have been using emulators and downloading ROMs of their favorite games for years now. But installing and configuring the necessary software to perfectly run those retro titles can be a little complicated for some casual gamers who aren’t as obsessed with flawless frame rates, or pixel-perfect graphics.

The RetroEngine Sigma sounds like it will make the process of running classic games impossibly easy. Since the tiny console, which includes two USB ports for attaching controllers or Bluetooth adapters, doesn’t have a keyboard of its own, users instead connect to it over wi-fi using an app on a smartphone or tablet where they can choose what software to install.

The palm-sized console rivals the NES Classic Edition when it comes to its tiny form factor, but the RetroEngine Sigma promises to blow Nintendo’s offering away when it comes to functionality. Users can even turn it into a 4K-capable media center, but it’s the RetroEngine Sigma’s ability to play everything from Game Boy, to Dreamcast, to even N64 games (hello, GoldenEye) that might make this Indiegogo campaign worth backing.

The first 500 contributors to the RetroEngine Sigma’s crowdfunding campaign can pre-order the console for just $50, which includes a 16GB microSD card for storing games and media, and even a USB gaming controller so you can start playing one of the 15 included games right away.

The usual caveats apply here given this is a crowdfunded product, and delivery isn’t expected until sometime in mid-2017 so you’ve got a bit of waiting to do before you can start playing. But while the RetroEngine Sigma makes installing and configuring emulators for 28 different systems easy, due to legal concerns you’ll have to hunt down copies of all of your favorite classic games yourself. If you’re not internet-savvy enough to know where to look, you might want to skip this one.

[Indiegogo – RetroEngine Sigma]

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