Modern Cabins I’d Love to Curl Up In

Humans don’t hibernate, but you might be tempted to when you see these four gorgeous modern cabins. Generally, coziness isn’t a quality that we associate with modern architecture, but these four buildings manage to defy that expectation, presenting a refuge from the elements that’s as design-forward as it is warm and welcoming.

The breathtaking building above and below is one of the homes that comprises The Twins, two vacation homes designed for two brothers in upstate New York. (You can see the second home through the window in the last photo.)


This little modern guesthouse, located in the woods in upstate New York, is a book lover’s dream. Openings in the cabin’s solid oak walls serve as bookshelves, and there’s a wood-burning stove to keep warm on even the coldest winter days. See more at Dezeen.


This little cabin isn’t a cabin at all, but a small annex, intended to serve as a guest house, at Split View Mountain Lodge, a family vacation house in the mountains of Norway. See more at AD España.


This simple, oblong house by Ina Matt was inspired by a barn located on the property before the house was built. The peaked roof creates a cozy feel, the black walls make a lovely contrasting with the surrounding woodland, and an entire wall of windows on one side of the house invites the outdoors in (but not the cold).

*Which one would you curl up into this winter?

from Apartment Therapy