The most iconic Reuters photo from nearly every country in the world in 2016


Reuters and its award-winning photographers are on almost every country on the globe.

2016 was a year of political upheaval, and Reuters was there to capture it. But they also made sure not to forget the more quotidian aspects of life.

These 142 photos — one for almost every country Reuters covered this year — don’t capture the politicians who led their nations or the athletes who represented them on the world stage. They’re about the everyday person just living their life.

Here are 142 photos that best represent almost every country in the world in 2016. 

AFGHANISTAN: Sharbat Gula, the green-eyed "Afghan Girl" whose 1985 photo in National Geographic became a symbol of her country’s wars, arrives to meet President Ashraf Ghani in Kabul.

ALGERIA: Girls hug each other beside their school in a refugee camp in southern Algeria.

ANDORRA: A pack of riders cycle during the Tour de France from Vielha Val d’Aran, Spain to Andorre Arcalis, Andorra.

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