Amazon EchoDave Smith/Tech Insider

If you have an Amazon Echo, chances are you’ve already discovered its music playing ability with streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, and Amazon Prime Music, which you can control with your voice using the Echo’s smart voice assistant, Alexa.

But then what? Adding to your shopping list? Setting timers? Asking about the weather? Great, but it’s pretty similar to Siri in what it can do, and using your voice to buy things from Amazon isn’t super exciting.

Alexa can do so much more than that, especially for your home.

With the help from smart home devices, like light bulbs, thermostats, and door locks, Alexa becomes your vocal liaison between you and your smart home.

Controlling your smart home devices with your voice is one of those things that you’ll truly “get” once you try it. After you get used to it, getting up and controlling your smart home with panels and switches will seem archaic, and even using apps to control your smart devices will feel outdated.

Check out the devices in your home you can control with your voice and Alexa: