9 Fun Tricks You Can Do With Static Electricity

If you ever wanted to be a wizard, or just to try your hand at some magic tricks, you should learn the dark arts of… static electricity. Yep, with a bit of strategic contact with certain objects, you can easily fool kids and probably even trick your drunk friend into thinking you can control objects through invisible forces.

Brusspup showcases nine different tricks you can pull off with static electricity. Most simply just need the magic power that is a PVC pipe after it’s been rubbed with a towel (to mess around with positively charged and negatively charged materials).

Here are the things you can easily do:

  1. Levitate light objects
  2. Make an electroscope
  3. Control the movement of balloons
  4. Bend water
  5. Make styrofoam balls dance around in aluminum foil
  6. Control bubbles
  7. Move a stick
  8. Make a can roll around without touching it
  9. Hover a styrofoam plate

from Gizmodo http://ift.tt/2igCdvX