‘This is one device’: Watch Steve Jobs introduce the original iPhone

The iPhone is officially old as heck: Steve Jobs introduced the device 10 years ago Monday.

You could argue to what extent the device itself has truly evolved from those earliest moments in 2007. At the end of the day, its design has been refined but not revolutionized, much as its actual functionality still revolves around a grid of downloadable apps. But to reflect on the original announcement event at the Macworld conference in San Francisco is to understand how our culture has shifted as a result of this iconic device.

Consider that Jobs had to introduce the iPhone as "one device" that rolled together an iPod MP3 player, a web browser and a mobile telephone. He had to explain how to open and exit apps using the touchscreen and home button — and how to zoom around on websites that were, of course, not yet optimized for a mobile world. 

The world would soon meet Apple where it was. Less than a decade later, in early 2016, a median 68 percent of adults in "advanced economies" worldwide said they own a smartphone while 37 percent in "developing" regions did.

Watch the moment that technology became mainstream in the video above.

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