Hopper Adds Airline Fee Breakdowns to Help Avoid Surprise Costs When Booking a Flight


Android/iOS: Hopper is a great app for all kinds of personalized flight details and today it’s getting an update that breaks down all the airlines confusing additional fees so you aren’t surprised by anything when you actually get on a flight.

Hopper’s main appeal is in finding the cheapest ticket, but one big caveat with those cheap tickets is fees. Some airlines charge for checked bags, other even charge you for a carry-on, so the price you get when you look for tickets isn’t always reflective of the actual cost to fly. So, now Hopper will help you figure that out with its new “Fair Bear.” When you go to book a ticket, it shows you all the extra fees, from cancellation costs to carry-on fees to help you can pick a flight that works for you. The update is available on Android right now, with iOS following later this week.

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Hot travel app Hopper has a new way to help you avoid hidden airline fees


Fair bear hopper

Travel app
,which tells you when to book your flight to
maximize savings, has rolled out a new feature to help you avoid
getting smacked with hidden fees.

The basic premise of Hopper is that you set up what days
you want to fly, and then Hopper sends you push notifications
telling you how prices are changing, and recommending when you
should buy. Then you can buy your flight directly in the

It’s been my
go-to travel app
for over a year, and I recently used it to
book a one-way flight from San Francisco to New York for only
$131.60 — cheap!

But my main gripe with Hopper has been that it’s not always
clear which tickets are going to have potential fees associated
with them. Now Hopper is trying to change that with a new
feature, which will give you “an 

overview of
all the restrictions and fees related to cancellations, changes,
carry-on baggage, checked baggage, and seat selection.”

And as airlines continue to cut the base fares on flights
by adding in sneaky fees, this will likely become more useful
over time.

In conjunction with the new feature, Hopper also released a
new report on the state of fees in the airline industry. Here’s a
few of the things Hopper found: 

  • Big re-booking fees. “Cancellations
    are almost never allowed (99%) for domestic trips, but tickets
    can almost always (98.8%) be changed for a fee, which will cost
    you $287 on average.”
  • You’ll pay extra for bags. “Bags are no longer
    included and it’ll cost an average of $25 to bring one piece of
    luggage, or $59 for two pieces. As more airlines roll out basic
    fares, you’ll be expected to pay for your carry-on too.
    Frontier and Spirit both charge an average of $35 for
  • International is a bit less crazy. “About
    two-thirds of international flights included at least one free
    bag, so that a trip with one piece of luggage adds only $9 with
    two pieces coming it at $55.”
  • But still. “About 10% of [international]
    itineraries offering cancellation for a fee which will cost you
    about $300. And, almost all (97.5%) international itineraries
    offer changes for about $250.”

Download the app on
Google Play

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Now you can sync Ableton Link to your Eurorack with this open gizmo


Ableton Link has become the de facto, configuration-free, seamless sync and jamming protocol for software – with or without Ableton Live itself. (Even VJ app CoGe just joined the party.) Now, it’s time for hardware to get in on the fun.

Vincenzo Pacella has been in touch for a while as he hacks away at a solution to connect Ableton Link to analog hardware and Eurorack. Now, it’s ready for prime time, as an inexpensive, easy-to-build, open source project based on Raspberry Pi.

Jamming with Ableton Link is as easy as this:

And then, all your analog gear can groove along, like so:

What Vincenzo has done is to produce a custom shield for the crazy-tiny Raspberry Pi. Pop his custom board on top, add his software/scripts, and you’ve got plug-and-play Ableton Link support for all your hardware. That connects both clock and reset signals to your Eurorack (or other compatible) analog gear, so they can jam along with Ableton Live, Reason, Maschine, Reaktor, Max, Pd, iOS apps, and everything else that’s been adding Link support.

There’s even a cute display and controls.

It works with WiFi wireless networks. It works with Ethernet (via adapter). It even works without anything connected at all – then it’s just a clever little clock gadget.



I imagine this could also be a great starter project for learning a bit about the state of what’s possible with Raspberry Pi (I found some of those links useful).

You could also adapt this to MIDI – I might have to try that. Vincenzo notes that the Raspberry Pi Zero features a “UART (pin #8 and #10) which could be used for MIDI I/O.” Handy. (I would also have been inclined to go the Teensy route, but this may have changed my mind. Anyone interested in exploring, do get in touch – shout out via Twitter!)

Thanks, Vincenzo!

Let’s see those schematics:



Blog post:

pink-0, an Ableton Link to clock/reset hardware converter [shaduzlabs]

And check out the project on GitHub:


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