Former Mexican president savagely rips Trump apart over taco bowls


The former president of Mexico loves a good Trump bashing, as his latest stunt shows. 

Vicente Fox, the 74-year-old who served as president of Mexico from 2000 to 2006, appeared in a new video from Super Deluxe in which he slams the U.S. president’s food and drink choices while reiterating that the country will not pay for a border wall. 

“Hola Donald, it is me Vicente, coming to you from Mexico where the best taco bowls are made. Actually these are shit they’re not even Mexican. Why is the bowl made out of tortilla? Just eat a fucking taco.”

The reference is to the infamous picture of a taco bowl that Trump tweeted last year saying “I love Hispanics!” on Cinco de Mayo. 

Vicente then suggests Trump could use the predicted $25 billion cost for building the wall for something else, such as providing clean drinking water to the entire planet or ending world hunger for one year. 

“Be honest Donald, this wall isn’t going to stop anyone who really wants to cross the border,” he says. 

from Mashable!