Scientists Find Genetic Mutation That Could Increase the Male Lifespan

Jiroemon Kimura, the oldest man ever (Image: YouTube/Screenshot)

Professor S. Jay Olshansky once told Gizmodo, “In the world of aging sciences, if you want to live a long life, choose long-lived parents.” So genetic markers linked to longevity are interesting as hell. But if you’ve got the wrong genes, then the wrong moves might do you in.

A team of researchers from universities in the United States wanted to figure out the role of genetics in human lifespan, specifically relating to growth hormone. The researchers’ work shows two main things: first, that a mutation in men’s DNA relating to growth hormone might lead to a longer lifespan. And secondly, that treating older people with growth hormone might be dangerous if they don’t have the variation.

Gil Atzmon, the study’s principal investigator from Albert Einstein College of Medicine and the University of Haifa in Israel, was most excited by how a slight change in DNA could have such a big impact. Delete a few base pairs, “and you still have a functional protein that now makes people live longer,” he said. “I think this is phenomenal.”


This is complex, so I’m going to take it slow and possibly oversimplify things. Basically, there’s one system in question, the “IGF-1/GH axis.” Each of these are genes that code for different molecules in your body.

Researchers have already had a hunch that IGF-1 can regulate height at the expense of longevity, like the case in dogs. More IGF-1 means taller but shorter lifespan and less IGF-1 means shorter but longer lifespan. This should make sense—it’s akin to the way big dogs live shorter lives than small dogs.

The researchers studied 800 men and women from across four populations and found something surprising. Indeed, the IGF-1 levels were lower in the centenarians, but many of the men were also taller. The data showed the researchers that there’s more than just IGF-1 at play.


Centenarian males were often missing a specific snippet of DNA in their GHR gene. These people seem to be more sensitive to growth hormone and grow taller. So, even though their IGF-1 levels were lower (they lived longer), they still grew taller from their special GH gene. The people with this mutation seemed to live ten years longer, on average.

And the study really was huge. The replication across the four different populations “makes our result more accurate and globally translated.”

Atzmon himself admitted that all this is pretty complex. But it’s definitely new, important evidence pointing to the role that this IGF-1/GH axis plays in simultaneously determining your height and your lifespan, explained Andrzej Bartke, Professor of Physiology and Internal Medicine at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, in a conversation with Gizmodo.



But we’re not at some level of life-hacking clarity. “Clearly more research is needed to understand exactly why this type of GH receptor favors extreme longevity, why the effect was seen only in men and why the results in people studied by these investigators differ from some of the previous findings in different groups of human subjects with the same type of receptors,” said Bartke.

There’s a catch to all this. Their results seemed to show that folks who don’t have the GH variation might actually be sensitive to growth hormone therapy. “This is a stark reminder that administering growth hormone as an intervention to slow aging—which is still being done in the anti-aging medicine industry — is not warranted by the scientific literature,” Olshansky told Gizmodo. “In fact, could actually be harmful.”

So, you’re still going to die one day. But as to when, that answer probably doesn’t reside in what you eat (or in young blood) nearly as much as it does in what your DNA looks like.

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Google releases new TensorFlow Object Detection API


Google is releasing a new TensorFlow object detection API to make it easier for developers and researchers to identify objects within images. Google is trying to offer the best of simplicity and performance — the models being released today have performed well in benchmarking and have become regularly used in research.

The handful of models included in the detection API include heavy duty inception-based convolutional neural networks and streamlined models designed to operate on less sophisticated machines — a MobileNets single shot detector comes optimized to run in real-time on a smartphone.

Earlier this week Google announced its MobileNets family of lightweight computer vision models. These models can handle tasks like object detection, facial recognition and landmark recognition.

Today’s smartphones don’t possess the computational resources of larger scale desktop and server-based setups, leaving developers with two options. Machine learning models can run in the cloud, but that adds latency and requires an internet connection — non-starters for a lot of common use cases. The alternative approach is simplifying the models themselves, making a trade-off in the interest of more ubiquitous deployment.

Google, Facebook and Apple have been pouring resources into these mobile models. Last fall, Facebook announced its Caffe2Go framework for building models to run on smartphones — the first big implementation of this was Facebook’s Style Transfer. This spring at I/O, Google released TensorFlow lite, it’s version of a streamlined machine learning framework. And most recently at WWDC, Apple pushed out CoreML, its attempt to reduce the difficulty of running machine learning models on iOS devices.

Of course Google’s public cloud offerings give it differentiated positioning with respect to both Facebook and Google, and it’s not new to delivering computer vision services at scale vis-à-vis its Cloud Vision API.

Today’s TensorFlow object detection API can be found here. Google wants to make it extra easy to play with and implement so the entire kit comes prepackaged with weights and a Jupyter notebook.

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Obstacles And Tailwinds: Highs And Lows Of Long Distance Biking


Abby Taylor and Seth Orme are pedaling across the United States, picking up trash as they go. They’re moving fast, but have also hit some obstacles along the way.

Packing It Out Abby Biking Dirt Road

As I prop my tired legs up and write, I barely notice the heaving and swaying of the hulking machine. No, it’s not my bicycle, although when carrying my bicycle up the winding stairs into Harper’s Ferry, it felt plenty big.

I am on the Capitol Limited line train, chugging towards Pittsburgh. You might (and should) be thinking, “If you are on a bike tour, why are you on a train?”

Train On A Bike Tour

Actually, many people incorporate trains as part of their travel on bike tours. The people I met at the train station were taking the train to Pittsburgh to bike the Great Allegheny Passage and C&O Canal to DC.

Others I met had just finished that route and were taking the train home. Amtrak has made a point to add storage for bikes on several of their train lines. Also, trains are really neat — and an affordable way to travel!

Packing It Out Tunnel

But why am I on a train? Where is Cap? What’s going on? A lot has happened since we last updated you in Damascus, Va.

Virginia: Beautiful Biking

Biking through Virginia has been a treat. We’ve had some bad days, but thankfully the good have outnumbered them.

We heard from many locals that this has been a wet spring; as bikers, we felt the brunt of it. Wearing raincoats made us sweat. So we slogged through day-long showers arriving at our campsite chilled and soaked.

When we finally got to the downhills to coast through, speed made the rain painfully pelt our faces. We put our heads down and watched the white lines, trusting the bikes to carry us to the bottom.

Packing It Out Abby Biking On Dirt Road

But the biking! The beautiful rolling hills! We were able to string together several classic bike paths including US Bike Route 76, the Virginia Creeper Trail, and the New River Trail.

We cruised through Shenandoah valley before crossing over the Appalachian trail on the way to DC. Connecting a variety of lovely gravel backroads into the Old Dominion Trail, an amazing 44.7-mile, non-motorized path paved for cyclists and walkers.

Without the worry of cars or finding directions, we were able to make great mileage on this path and arrived in DC a day early. We were able to clean up a park and check out some sights around the city before giving a presentation at a local REI.

Packing It Out Bike

A Toothache On The Road

We left DC with excitement about the next bike trails, the C&O Canal Town Path and the Great Allegheny Passage. Back in Damascus, I damaged a tooth that had already been giving me issues.

After DC, it became a daily struggle and source of pain. We decided as a group that the tooth needed fixing now, so we biked off the trail in Potomac, Md., to get my molar extracted. In order to make up the mileage lost and make it to our next destination on schedule, we decided to take a train.

We booked one ticket and paid to bring a bike along. When we went to book the second, we were notified that bike storage was full.

Packing It Out Abby On Roof

After thinking long and hard, we decided to split up. So here I am on the train to Pittsburgh, and Seth is going to attempt to bike 260 miles in less than three days.

These past few days have been rough, mentally and emotionally. Things never work out like you expect, but I know that we can persevere and pedal on.

Thankfully, the weather and scenery have been wonderful the past few days. We’ve got 1,300 miles on our odometers and 300 pounds of trash removed from scenic spaces along the way.

Our slow transition out from under the Mason Dixon line has been completed, and we are stoked to be moving on and cycling through the Midwest! Madison, Minneapolis… we’re coming for you!

–Our 2017 ‘Packing It Out‘ coverage is sponsored by REI.

–Check out the crew’s 2015 and 2016 efforts on our ‘Packing It Out’ page. Connect with Abby and Seth on InstagramTwitter, and their blog.

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Don’t miss Chagall’s mesmerizing live glove performances, new video


For up and coming cyber-pop talent, look no further than Chagall, the Amsterdam-born London-based cyborg diva.

Chagall van den Berg (full name) was an early adopter of the gloves, a wearable interface that’s the latest generation of a tradition of interfaces that dates back to Amsterdam’s own STEIM research center and pioneering work by Michel Waisvisz. (Even if you have no interest in glove-based interfaces, Waisvisz can arguably be credited for producing the model of human/computer musical interaction as we now know it – it’s worth understanding.)

And Chagall herself is emblematic of the kind of brainpower-meets-virtuosic performance of that scene., now counting Chagall as one of its partners, is a who’s who of thinkers working in wearable technology and performance, including one other well-known icon, Imogen Heap. (We were lucky to have this crew join us for the first-ever CTM Festival Hacklab we hosted, which in turn was their first experiment in unleashing the gloves on new users.)


Accordingly, Chagall has become a spokeperson for innovative music technology as well as a musical star, gracing stages from TED to Futurefest to Ableton’s Loop.

Okay, so – tech, check. Brainy people, check.

How’s the music?

Oh, yeah – brilliant. See this gorgeous single music video, with visuals by Eduardo Fitch.

Chagall is the new all-in-one DIY pop everything: powerhouse songwriter with earworm-making skills, vocalist with easy, relaxed power, and producer. There’s a team behind the AV show, but the songs are all her. That marks a departure from the way pop is most conventionally fabricated.

And Chagall’s involvement with the gloves therefore represents something significant. Imogen Heap had already proven she could make use of the gloves, but they were designed around her with her direct input. Chagall has taken them in new directions.

The music itself seems to naturally extend itself into the gloves, rather than the other way round. This is silky, futuristic pop with the visuals to match. (Van den Berg works both with the medium of reactive visuals and music, while singing and writing and doing generally everything else, too.)

Expect to see more of this. “Calibration,” the touring show that incorporates this tech among others, is now set to burst onto the scene. See the behind the scenes video:

And yes, while Berlin has had a lot of the fun lately with its presumptive crown as music tech capital, here’s a British-based, British-backed brain trust in action:

Eduardo Fitch – Art Direction
Adam Stark – Visuals & Software Design
Leyla Rees – Movement Direction
Natalie Rowland – Lighting Design
Rob Donnelly-Jackson – Sound Engineer
Claire Eve – Producer
Georgina Harper – Executive Producer

Making of
Brandon Wade – Director, DoP, Post
Matthew McGuinees – Camera, Post, Sound Editor
Balasz Koszta – Camera Op


A year old, but for more detail on the gloves and how she works with the TC VoiceLive harmonizer, here’s a more intimate rehearsal video:

Yeah, it feels a bit like Imogen Heap: The Next Generation. But that’s a really good thing – a credit to Chagall and Imogen alike.

Here’s Chagall demonstrating at Ableton Loop:

Oh, the heck with it, she’s too fun to watch, here’s another video (any other singers a bit jealous?)

And dueling TED talks from Imogen and Chagall, because it’s the Internet and I don’t run out of page space:


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Women Revealed Which Behaviors By Men Are Their Biggest Turn Offs So STOP Doing These Things


women biggest turnoffs mens behavior


Dating. It can be brutally rough out there, am I right? Bad enough that it’s hard to find decent people to date, but then we have to start over with each one trying to decipher what things this new person likes and doesn’t like. It’s like putting together an IKEA cabinet without the instructions sometimes. Lord knows we as males try to do our best. If only women would just TELL US what they like and don’t like.

Oh hey, here we go. A bunch of women got together on Reddit and did exactly that! Well, half of it. They at least revealed some of the stuff, as in behaviors they see in men, that they DON’T like.

Get ready to take some notes, bros…

Trying to be suggestive or overly sexual way too soon. Trying to ask me what I like sexually when I’ve known you for 45 minutes or assuming I’d like all the things you’re explicitly stating that you’d do when it’s our second or third time meeting creates so much second hand embarrassment it makes me want to vomit.

I’m sorry, but when men chew tobacco – I just can’t get over the smell/taste/spitting.

Comparing me to other girls constantly. It’s seriously not what I signed up for, dude.

Dismissing all my interests and ideas as stupid or not smart enough.

Men who say all their exes are “bitches” or “crazy”. I’m not saying there aren’t shitty people out there, of course there are. And we’ve all dated one or five in our lifetimes. But if all the women you’ve ever been in a relationship with are the worst, maybe you are the problem, buddy.

Asking me for nudes or trying to send me nudes. I do not want to see your penis, it will not turn me on.

Being selfish and hypocritical is something I really dislike in anyone, man or woman. If you used to constantly sleep on a friend’s floor and you get pissed the one time someone in your social circle dials you and says, “My mom kicked me out, can I stay over?”, I will have a low opinion of you.

Making fun of another guys appearance for no reason. I knew someone who laughed at guys wearing underarmour leggings at the gym under their normal gym shorts. Like why does that even bother you so much? It makes him look like an asshole who peaked in college.

When guys have those obnoxiously loud cars/truck and revs them up so the whole town can hear them. And you can tell they are purposely doing it. AND TO TAKE IT FURTHER THEY STARE AT YOU.

Keeping everything secret. Goes for anyone, not just men. If you refer to every thing very vaguely when you talk about your life outside of the two of us. Never giving any details of your life. I’m noping the fuck out.

Not being able to have a good time without being drunk and/or high.

Interrupting. I’ll let it slide 3 times. Then I’ll just tune out the rest of the conversation and excuse myself when I can.

If a dude is always wanting to fight other dudes for petty ass shit.

When he treats retail workers/servers like crap. Being embarrassed in public is not a turn on. One guy I dated did this and just called it being “assertive”. I said take off the “ertive” and you’d be right.

Bragging about past sexual conquests. Instant conversation ender.

If I say I like something “non girly” (even though calling something girly or manly is stupid anyway) like, an action movie, game, favorite super hero, ect. And you think you have the right to “test” me on it in a non joking way like I’m just saying it to impress someone or making it up. Not only will that actually cause my vagina to invert into my body and close all orifices to you permanently, my body will go into manual override and start physically performing backflips on the spot until it has successfully evacuated me out of the general vicinity.

Laziness and lack of ambition. If you see me in the middle of cleaning the house or cooking a meal you will surely partake of, please get off the couch and make yourself something to drink. Maybe even grab the broom and help out. Your efforts will be appreciated. And please do not ask me to plan, coordinate, and execute everything that goes on in our lives beyond watching Netflix. I am not your secretary and I am definitely not your mother.

Bragging about your personal wealth, even in a joking manner. I don’t care how rich you are, or how much money you paid for your damn shoes. It’s not going to impress me in the slightest.

Anything to do with a fedora.

Guys who treat women they don’t find attractive like shit. You may be the hottest mf in here, but if you think you’re too good to say thank you to the girl who just helped you with something or manage a few sentences of small talk to the person you just met, don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

Chivalry doesn’t end where you don’t want to put your dick.

Words to live by, right there.

Check out the rest of the ladies’ turn offs (and there are a bunch more) over at Reddit.



China bounced an ‘unhackable’ quantum signal between cities


The field of quantum cryptography, which seeks to transmit encrypted information using entangled quantum particles like photons, could help lay the groundwork for tomorrow’s quantum networks but it faces a significant physical hurdle: entangled photons are crazy hard to transmit long distances. Even in fiber optic cables, they can only go about 150 miles before completely degrading. But a team of researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences may have the solution. You just have to send the photons 745 miles into space.

Though the idea of using satellite relays to shunt entangled photons into space and back has long been considered, it wasn’t until last August that the nation sent up its first such orbiter, the $100 million Quantum Experiments at Space Scale. It is reportedly equipped with a laser-and-mirror system as well as a special crystal that can encode data and encryption keys onto photons as they travel back to Earth.

Even without the ground-based obstacles that conventional quantum networks and experiments have to contend with, spotting these photons on their way back from orbit is no easy feat. The crystal can generate as many as 6 million pairs of photons at any given time however the two designated ground stations, which are located 750 miles apart, are only able to detect around one par per second. "It’s a challenging task," physicist Chao-Yang Lu, told Wired. "It’s like you have to clearly see a human hair from 300 meters away."

Lu and his team hope that this successful experiment, which has recently been published in the Journal Science (paywall), could pave the way for more secure encryption systems. In theory, you’d first encode an encryption key based on the characteristics of a photon stream and send that to your message’s recipient. You’d then encrypt your message with that key and send it on as well.

If someone tries to intercept, decode or even observe the key while in transit, the laws of quantum mechanics dictate that the key itself would change. So even if they intercepted the key and the message, both would be useless. The current state of the technology isn’t quite sensitive enough to do that yet but that’s essentially the goal.

Via: Wired

Source: Science (paywall)

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The late Adam West remembered with a Bat-Signal in Los Angeles


The late Adam West remembered with a Bat-Signal in Los Angeles

The Bat-Signal shines bright.The Bat-Signal shines bright.

Image: ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images

Just how else do you commemorate the Batman, Adam West.

Hundreds of people gathered in downtown Los Angeles to pay tribute to the late actor’s life on Thursday night, with the main act being the Bat-Signal shining on City Hall.

The Bat-Signal is used in the series by police to help summon Batman. Perhaps for that reason, the commemorative light was switched on at 9 p.m. local time by Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck and the city’s mayor Eric Garcetti, who addressed the crowd.

“Like you, we all spent many hours in front of the TV, same bat time, same bat channel,” Garcetti told the crowd, according to the Associated Press

“Adam West taught us each one of us had a heart of gold,” he added. “There will never be another Batman like Adam West and there will never be another Adam West.”

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Why You Should Take the Profits and Run!


This article is for those traders (new or experienced) who have trouble booking profits. Do you often see large profits evaporate as the market reverses against you, leaving you feeling powerless and confused? If so, you know how frustrating it can be and you know exactly what I’m talking about.

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