Here’s how Apple has done in the 10 years since the iPhone (AAPL)


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Apple’s iPhone was undoubtedly a revolutionary device when it was launched in 2007. Steve Jobs went on stage and showed us a device that was not a first in the smartphone category but one that would forever change it.

On its tenth birthday, we look back at the stock price of Apple to see how far the company has come. (For immediate reference, the stock is trading at about $143 a share right now). 

January 9, 2007: The day Apple announced the first iPhone. (Stock price: $11.94)

June 26, 2007: The day the first iPhone was launched (Price: $15.75 Change since January 9, 2007: 31%)

January 9, 2008: A year since announcing the iPhone (Price: $23.15 Change: 93.8%)

Stopping there already shows the historic bump the iPhone brought to Apple. The stock exploded for a 93.8% increase in price, just 365 days after Jobs announced the iPhone.

The next iPhone, the iPhone 3G, introduced the app store concept to the world. It would again change how we think about mobile computing.

July 11, 2008: The iPhone 3G was launched. (Price: $45.68 Change: 285.58%)

The first iPad was released in 2010 and brought the concept of the iPhone to a larger tablet. 

April 3, 2010: The first iPad was released (Price for April 5: $30.77 Change: 157.71%)

After the iPhone 3G, Apple began to release phones in a two-year cycle. In between each new model, the company would release an iteration on the previous model, dubbed "S" models, which often had updated internals and software but maintained the same design. Below are only the new models.

June 24, 2010: The iPhone 4 was launched. (Price: $34.71 Change: 190.70%)

September 21, 2012: The iPhone 5 was launched. (Price: $90.72 Change: 659.80%)

September 19, 2014: The iPhone 6 was launched. (Price: $95.88 Change: 703.02%)

September 16, 2016: The iPhone 7 was launched. (Price: $113.37 Change: 849.49%)

Today, investors are speculating on the iPhone 8. Apple knows it is 10 years after the first iPhone came to the world, and many pundits think there is something special planned for the next device. Features such as a bezel-less screen and hidden home button are among those being discussed in the rumors floating around. The next phone is planned to launch later this year.

On the day of the iPhone’s 10th birthday, Apple opened trading at $144.73, a full 1112.14% higher than its price when it announced the original iPhone. To compare, the broader Standard & Poor’s 500 has increased just 60%.

To follow Apple’s stock price live, click here…

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