Porsche and AOC’s sleek new monitor is absolutely beautiful


Porsche and AOC’s sleek new monitor is absolutely beautiful

The new monitor can make any workspace look better.The new monitor can make any workspace look better.

Image: lili sams/mashable and amazon overlay

A luxury car designer and HD display technology expert walk into a bar. The result? A single cable monitor.

AOC and Studio F.A. Porsche partnered to bring the world a sleek, new monitor with just a single cable. The monitor comes in two versions — the 24-inch PDS241 and 27-inch PDS271.

The premise of the new monitor is to provide something that’s actually worth looking at to your workspace. Many other monitors are extremely functional and durable, but the loads of cords coming out of them can make your desk look like a wreck. 

Along with the lone cable coming out of the back of the monitor, this new design gets some of its sleekness from how thin it is. The monitor boasts a 5.2mm depth, but it does get a little thicker at the bottom to house the internal electronics.

The connected breakout box includes the HDMI port and power port. This is arguably the bulkiest part of the monitor, but it’s the same silver color as the rest, which helps it blend in a bit. 

The smaller monitor sells for $199.99 while the larger model goes for $249.99. They’ll be released exclusively on Amazon.com starting on July 24. 

While it looks great and comes at a reasonable price, the monitor has a few drawbacks.

It’s not meant to be used with a gaming system like a lot of AOC’s other products are. With the refresh rate capped at 60Hz, fast-moving images might turn up a little blurry. 

On top of that, the monitor saved space on something that might make consumers a little upset — there are no external speakers. This means you’ll either have plug in your headphones every time you want to listen to something or buy external speakers.

While the single cord design looks really neat, it also means that you can only plug in one device with the lone HDMI port. 

Even considering the slight drawbacks, this is a pretty cool monitor. Anyone who’s deep into the specialized worlds of gaming or movie editing probably has a specific monitor to accomplish those tasks. But for consumers looking to complete normal tasks on a slightly more stylish monitor, AOC and Studio F.A. Porsche’s new creation could make a great addition to your workspace. 

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