104 Mobile Marketing Facts [Infographic]

Yesterday we quizzed you on email marketing stats. Today, we’ll take a look at mobile. 

This infographic, by WebsiteBuilder.org, is full of facts about mobile marketing. So let’s see how much you know.

According to the infographic…

1. The average conversion rate on mobile is higher/lower than on desktop.

2. The average clickthrough rate for paid search on mobile is higher/lower than on desktop.

3. Users browse ___% more products in an app than on a mobile website. A) 146 B) 206 C) 286

4. ___% of B2B marketers consider mobile apps important to content marketing. A) 15 B) 45 C) 83

Did you answer “higher,” “lower,” C (286), and C (83)? If so, you’re a mobile champ!

Check out the infographic for more stats and fun facts about loyalty programs, search, shopping behavior, and other aspects of mobile marketing.


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