5 WordPress-Friendly Internet Marketing Tools You Need


For over a decade, WordPress has been the platform of choice for internet marketers: it’s free, customizable, and loved by Google.

WordPress makes it easy for affiliate marketers to craft sales pages, squeeze pages, and capture leads through web forms. Adding these five WordPress-friendly tools to your toolbox will make internet marketing even easier.

1. A code validator

Your website might look good on a couple browsers, but it may not on others. Some browsers let you get away with invalid code and you’d never know it.

According to the W3C, “Different browsers can and do display the same page very differently. This is deliberate, and doesn’t imply any kind of browser bug. A term sometimes used for this is WYSINWOG – What You See Is Not What Others Get (unless by coincidence). It is indeed one of the principal strengths of the web, that (for example) a visually impaired user can select very large print or text-to-speech without a publisher having to go to the trouble and expense of preparing a separate edition.”

Validating a WordPress website takes a little effort. Don’t run WordPress URLs through an HTML validator because WordPress uses PHP, which registers as invalid code. To validate your website, validate the HTML/XHTML and CSS separately before adding it to your site’s files.

HTML isn’t the only validation you need to complete. Your website should also meet Section 508 and WAI accessibility standards.

Here’s a great tool from the W3C for validating multiple aspects of your website including broken links, mobile-friendly status, RSS and Atom feeds, RDF documents, and more.

2. A mobile device suitable for managing tasks

Have you ever tried to edit your blog on an older smartphone because that’s all you could access?

It’s usually the screen size that makes editing difficult. Login areas disappear or rearrange for mobile compatibility and it’s hard to see what you’re doing, but sometimes it has to be done. Managing your marketing tasks requires lots of clicking, logging in, typing, and analyzing. When you’re away from your computer, you need a pocket-sized device with a big screen to make it easy.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes with a 5.7” screen, a 32GB hard drive, and 3GB of RAM. Combined with a screen resolution of 1440×2560, these features make it a perfect choice for managing your daily internet marketing tasks.

3. Cross browser compatibility tester

If you attempt customization outside of what your theme has been designed for, you could end up with misaligned graphics, stretched borders, and broken mobile layouts. It’s impossible for one person to access all possible devices and browsers to test customizations, so BrowserStack does it for you.

With BrowserStack, you can enter a URL and generate screen shots for virtually any device, operating system and browser combination (including Amazon’s Kindle).

4. Photoshop is your best friend

If you’ve never used Photoshop, you need to. You can use free programs to accomplish simple tasks, but Photoshop is the ultimate tool, used by top photographers across the world. Even if you aren’t planning on becoming a graphic designer, Photoshop still outperforms free programs on simple tasks like cropping, resizing, and batch resizing because of its intuitive interface.

As an internet marketer, Photoshop will make you independent; you’ll never have to wait for someone else to make quick edits. For example, if you’re looking at a “buy now” button you just uploaded and want to adjust the hue for your split testing campaign, you can do that quickly in Photoshop.

5. Optimizely for split testing

Every part of your website influences visitors either consciously or subconsciously. Everything from the color and size of buttons to the placement of signup forms matters.

You’re probably familiar with split testing – the method that uses randomized experiments to test what aspects of a web page are most effective. For example, during a split testing campaign, you might find that a blue “buy now” button isn’t as effective as a red one, or a signup form in the upper right corner works better than in the left.

Without a program to run the tests for you, you’ll never know which elements of your page are successful and what needs to change. If you’re not split testing yet, Optimizely will do it for you.

While it takes effort to create an empire, internet marketing is made easier with the right tools.

from BloggingPro http://bit.ly/2gMNCoR