Crazy Picture Of Tour De France Rider’s Legs After 16 Stages Is 100% Vascular Pump #Goals


The 2017 Tour de France riders have wrapped up 16 out of 21 stages of the race across France. With only 5 days left of racing the rider’s bodies are ridiculously shredded. Cumulatively, the cyclists have ridden 1,760 miles so far over the past 18 days. That’s approximately 1,740 more miles than I’ve ridden a bicycle in the past year, and I’ve got nothing but respect for these athletes traversing the entire country of France.

Like the vast majority of Americans, I haven’t really bothered following competitive Cycling or the Tour de France since the Lance Armstrong debacle. I took note of the race earlier this month when the Stage Winner and defending Tour de France champion Peter Sagan was DQ’d and kicked out of the race for throwing an elbow into another rider that caused a GNARLY crash that sent riders flying in every direction.

Beyond that, I haven’t really paid any attention to this year’s race until I came across this photograph earlier on Business Insider of Polish rider Paweł Poljański’s insanely vascular legs. After 16 stages, this dude is insanely shredded:

Instagram Photo

As noted on Business Insider, this picture of the Polish rider’s legs through 16 stages isn’t too far off from the picture we saw back in 2014 of Chris Froome’s legs.

Looking for that vascular pump in your legs? Just go ride your bike a cool 1,760 miles in 18 days and you too can look this swole. (h/t Business Insider)