In KRFT 1.6 you can now transform your cells

KRFT is probably my favourite app from Studio Amplify. It’s modular in a sense that few, if any, other apps are and is in many ways an app for actually building the instrument you want to play. Except that the instrument is totally linked to the track you make with it. It’s unique in every way. In version 1.6 they’ve added Transform Cells, which is pretty awesome.

Here’s all that’s new:

Transform Cells

  • An amazing new way to explore musical ideas, the Transform Cell takes a Timeline and transforms its notes in real time.
  • The transforms available are Note Repeat, Arpeggiate, Rhythmize, Harmonize, Beat Repeat, Quantize, Reverse, Invert, Rotate, Random Key & Random Time
  • Apply the same transform to multiple timelines and combine multiple transform cells for wild results!

Sync: Step

  • Setting a timelines sync to “step” will make a timeline start from the next note in its sequence.
  • Use this with the hold interaction to step through a melody or drum beat with every tap.

Cell => Explode

  • The new explode function allows you to split an existing timeline into multiple cells.
  • You can split a timeline either using a slice length or per key.
  • Use this function to split out a drum kit into its individual parts or to easily create a keyboard.

Matrix 2.0

  • Now you can multi-select notes. Just long hold on the matrix and then drag over notes to select them.
  • Selections can be moved, deleted, resized, copied & pasted – even into other loops.
  • You can also apply transforms to these selections, such as invert, reverse, humanize and more!
  • Added an undo button!

Save user presets

  • Now you can save your user presets and use them across your projects.

Minor Improvements

  • Added 4 new scales => Major Blues, Minor Blues, Whole Tone, Klezmer
  • Added INIT patch for bass and lead synths
  • Added noise param on synth engine
  • Improved menu speeds
  • UI Improvements
  • Bug Fixes

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