The Electric Adventuremobile Of The Future


Nope, It’s not the new Land Rover Defender, but it is probably the future of the adventuremobile. Meet the Bollinger B1 electric truck.

With up to 200 miles of range, the new Bollinger B1 all-electric all-wheel drive sport utility truck is ready to haul you, your friends, and your gear to your favorite adventure destinations.

With a claimed 0-60 time of only 4.5 seconds and a top speed of 127 mph, it won’t take long to get there! The 3-box shape is reminiscent of the classic Land Rover Defender, but besides that basic silhouette, some serious off-road capability, and the use of a lot of aluminum in its construction, the two vehicles have little in common.

Bollinger B1: Electric Trucks Get Serious

The Bollinger B1 can haul or tow up to 6,100 lbs. of cargo, which equates to a LOT of adventure and camping gear! Compare that to the measly maximum of 1,620 lb. load capacity of the Toyota Tacoma.

While the load capacity is truly impressive, so are the off-road stats for this vehicle; 10″ of wheel travel, 15.5″ of ground clearance, over 50-degree approach, and departure angles and sway bar disconnects. All of these things should add up to a truly capable vehicle in a wide variety of conditions.

Want a little breezier ride? The brand also touts a convertible full-to-half-cab model that looks remarkably bad-ass.

Is the B1 just vapor wear? Only time will tell if the truck stacks up to the manufacturer’s claims. So far there is only an extremely vague timeline for delivery of 19+ months once manufacturing is finalized. Bollinger is taking emails now and $1,000 deposits in early 2018 to hold a spot to order a B1. No word on how much these will cost when/if they hit the market, but I know I want one for sure!

For more information on the Bollinger B1 be sure to check out its website.


  • Drive: AWD
  • 0-60: 4.5 sec
  • Top Speed: 127 mph
  • Horsepower: 360
  • Torque: 472 lb-ft
  • Total Vehicle Weight: 3,900 lbs.
  • GVWR: 10,001 lbs.
  • Payload & Towing Capacity: 6,100 lbs.
  • Dimensions: Wheelbase 105″/Length 150″/Width 76.5″/Height 73.5″/Rear Track 68″
  • Ground Clearance: (Adjustable between 10″-20″)
  • Approach/Breakover/Departure Angles: 56/33/53
  • Tire: MT LT285/70/R17
  • Brakes: 11.75″ vented regenerative 4-wheel anti-lock inboard discs
  • Range: 120 mile (60 kWh battery) or 200 mile (100 kWh battery)
  • Charge Time: 60 kWh battery- 7.3 hrs (220v) or 45 min (DC Fast), 100 kWh battery- 12.1 hrs (220v) or 75 min (DC Fast)

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Day 1: A Beginner’s Guide to HIIT Class


HIIT—or High Intensity Interval Training, for the uninitiated—is one of the trendiest exercise programs out there at the moment, but getting started as a first-timer can be daunting, to say the least. (“High intensity” has a way of making a workout sound effective, but not necessarily so approachable.)

As part of our ongoing “Day 1" series demystifying the process of jumpstarting a new hobby or activity, we asked trainer Holly Rilinger for tips on approaching your very first HIIT class, including what to wear (hint: not running shoes!), how to give the teacher a heads up that you’re a beginner, and most importantly, a reminder that “nobody is looking at you.”


Video Credits:

Senior Producer: Kiran Chitanvis


Creative Producer: Jorge Corona


Associate Producer: John Dargan

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Gas pump card skimmer now phones home


In an unsurprising move by credit card thieves police have found a new credit card skimmer that sends stolen data via SMS. By tearing apart cheap phones, crooks are able to send credit card information to their location instantly without having to access the skimmer physically or rely on an open Bluetooth connection.

Brian Krebs received images of the skimmer from an unnamed source. They were found at a gas station in the Northeast.

This skimmer connected to the internals of the pump and received power from the pump itself, meaning there was no need to worry about the battery failing. It’s unclear how this model worked but most likely it intercepts the credit card data as its being swiped. There’s still hope, however, because gas stations are trying to fight back.

“Many filling stations are upgrading their pumps to include more physical security — such as custom locks and security cameras. In addition, newer pumps can accommodate more secure chip-based payment cards that are already in use by all other G20 nations,” wrote Krebs.

He also recommends not using debit cards at all at gas stations and, obviously, protecting your PIN from prying eyes or cameras.

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Life Bot’s new Alexa app can text you reminders, help with daily activities


A new voice app from a startup called Life Bot wants to make it easier to use Amazon Alexa as a digital assistant, by aiding with your daily routines and learning your personal preferences. At launch, Life Bot’s Alexa app has a handful of tricks up its sleeve. It can find your misplaced phone, for example, by giving it a ring. Or it can text you reminders at a scheduled time. It can even help you meditate or do yoga at your desk.

But Life Bot’s longer-term ambition is to learn from its users, then be able to kick-off personalized workflows with a single voice command.

A future version of the app could respond to a command like “good morning” by launching a series of updates that would differ from user to user.

For instance, one person might first hear their morning briefing, then launch into a meditation session. Another might have Alexa dictate their schedule for the day, then receive a list of reminders that are in need of scheduling.

The idea for this jack-of-all-trades voice bot comes from co-founders Jess Williams and Oscar Merry, who previously founded London-based voice design agency Opearlo. The agency did client work for a number of companies, including Unilever, that wanted to make their products and services accessible through voice.

“We kept identifying the problems that brands were facing, and we thought there was a huge opportunity to create the first voice app that people love — and one that people actually use every day,” explains Williams.

The founders sold Opearlo and joined Y Combinator’s summer class.

What’s clever about the implementation of this voice app is that it’s working around several challenges facing voice app adoption today — including discovery, people’s confusion over how to use the voice apps themselves and voice apps’ limited inability to reach users outside the home.

“People love Alexa, but we haven’t yet gotten into the habit of thinking ‘I bet there’s a skill for that,’ like we do with mobile apps,” says Williams. In part, that’s because Alexa is a new technology, she notes. “But also, there aren’t any external triggers to remind you to use Alexa. If you don’t form the habit yourself, it’s very difficult to remember to use her,” Williams continues.

Worse still is trying to remember how to invoke the skills using the right syntax and commands.

To make it easier to get started, Life Bot combines voice app functionality with text messaging.

When you first set up the skill, Life Bot asks for your phone number. The app then texts a welcome message to your phone and asks for your name. After you reply, it will return with suggestions of things to try. Having your hand held like this through the onboarding process makes it a lot easier to get started with Life Bot, compared with other voice apps.

Plus, now that Life Bot has your phone number, the app can connect with you when you’re away from Alexa, too. While Alexa itself has reminders and to-dos, her reach is more limited. You can check on your reminders via the Alexa app, but when they go live, they’re sent to one of your Alexa-powered devices, like your Echo or Echo Dot.

Life Bot, however, can just text your phone instead.


In time, the plan is to introduce new features in Life Bot, starting with to-dos. In that case, Life Bot will just text your whole to-do list to you at a date and time you specify. In a few more months, the team hopes to have the personalization aspects working, too.

And eventually, you’ll be able to use Life Bot on other voice platforms, like Google Home, Cortana and more.

The startup has no immediate plans for monetization, but may partner with others to bring their content into its voice app later on.

Currently bootstrapped, save for Y Combinator’s funding, Life Bot’s team of three aims to raise a seed round when the YC summer program completes.

You can try Life Bot yourself by enabling the Alexa skill here.

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10 Secrets to Making Money While You Sleep


Now more than ever, people are looking for new ways to make money 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without the need to remain stationed at a desk. But, these new passive ways of earning money do require you to invest a small amount of time automating your work processes. Let me take you through the process.

There are thousands of ways you can make money on the side nowadays. As long as you have an internet connection and a computer or mobile device, your opportunities are endless. Examples of new jobs you could consider for your side hustle include:

  • Blogging
  • Teaching online
  • Creating ebooks
  • Building and flipping websites

While the opportunities for online work are endless, automating them can be more challenging. Although working online will allow you to work from anywhere, it would also be nice to have so spare time on your hands, am I right? If you have found work you enjoy but want to take it a step further by generating income while you sleep, check out my top 10 secrets.

1. Automate marketing, sales and customer care chatbots.

While you may have already delegated some of your marketing, sales and customer care duties to team members, or even automated them with tools such as Hootsuite, there is an easier way to take the time and monetary load off your shoulders.

Chatbots have become extremely popular recently because the technology powering them has evolved dramatically. Today, creating an artificial intelligence-powered chatbot is a piece of cake, and thanks to chatbot-building platforms, you don’t even need any coding knowledge.

You can create a chatbot that:

  • Can take orders and answer customer queries from Facebook Messenger, comments, and posts
  • Integrates with all the major payment platforms
  • Is available 24/7 to answer customers from across the world
  • Can push personalized promotions, offers, and deals, on demand

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2. Promote yourself as a brand.

Whether you have already found success or are still on the path to finding it, you should look at ways in which you can promote yourself as a brand. Of course, your chatbot will help with minor marketing tasks, but you need to promote yourself in a way that makes others aware that you are a trustworthy, reputable, and a reliable authority figure in your industry.

To achieve this, create informational products, such as books, videos, and online magazines for your audience. Once you’ve put in hours creating these pieces, the next step is simply to market them and watch the money roll in.

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3. Simplify your outputs.

You can’t do everything, especially if you want to automate the operational aspects of your business. To get everything done to the best of your ability, you need to simplify your outputs. To do this, hone in on what you are offering.

Instead of offering a huge variety of products and services to your audience, focus on a maximum of five that you do perfectly and grow from there. Take Starbucks, for example. The brand offers coffee, sweets, and some fast food. The simplicity by which it operates is a key reason why it’s able to expand its offerings on a global scale.

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4. Sell at a flat rate.

Selling your products and services at various rates is complicated and not efficient. Aside from the fact that you probably have clients big and small, from across the world, it can make your invoicing system messy. Create a company that offers specific services at a flat rate and allow customers to buy these subscriptions and packages directly from your website. You’ll make more direct sales and your customers will automatically be more invested in you.

Create a company that offers specific services at a flat rate and allow customers to buy these subscriptions and packages directly from your website. You’ll make more direct sales and your customers will automatically be more invested in you.

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5. Create a product or service that never goes out of fashion.

You need to create a business that either offers a product or service that many people need now or better yet, one that won’t go out of fashion. When it comes to products, think of one that can be created cheaply and that requires refills to function.

With this, you’ll not only make huge amounts of money selling the original product, but you will receive a steady stream of revenue from the individual refills. Think about a printer, for example; you can now buy one at a very reasonable price, but to use it, you will always need ink. Printers are the product and ink cartridges are the refills.

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6. Become an affiliate.

There are a number of ways you can make money without really doing much. For example, you could become an Amazon affiliate. If Amazon makes a sale that comes from the link on your website, you make a profit. Simple. If you have the right following, you could find affiliate marketing extremely profitable.

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7. Teach others.

By teaching others, I don’t mean switching careers altogether to teach math in a primary school. I’m referring to taking an authoritative role in your field of work and teach entrepreneurs your methods. There are a number of ways you can teach others, some of which include:

  • Mentoring
  • Lecturing at a college or university
  • Writing a blog
  • Creating a book
  • Talking at events and conferences

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8. Invest in other companies.

An investment is, in simple terms, a way for your money to make more money. Although your lending needs to be calculated, you should invest some of your profits into other companies that fulfill other needs your customers may have. It’s a good way for you to make more money while establishing yourself as a figure that helps others and understands your audience’s desires.

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9. Hire a team.

As I mentioned before, you can’t do everything on your own. Simplifying your outputs is great, but you need to have the right team to back you up. You need a team that is reliable and diverse. Every area of your company needs to be covered by an expert in that field. You will need a marketing, sales, customer care, finance, and human resources guru, among others.

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10. Optimize your efforts.

Once every aspect of your company is up and running, you must evaluate, re-evaluate, and optimize them to ensure they are performing to the best of their ability. You wouldn’t write a blog post without proofreading and optimizing it; the same goes for the rest of your marketing, sales, finance, and other operations.


Automating your processes will help you organize yourself in a way that makes your operations efficient. By doing so, you will not only make money while you sleep, but you will also have more time to invest in other projects that can be automated in the same way, creating a money-making lifecycle that could eventually make you millions.

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How to Drive a Motorcycle


When Steve McQueen got away from the Nazis in The Great Escape, he did it on a motorcycle. When Evil Knievel roared over the top of the fountains at Caesar’s Palace, it was on a motorcycle. And when Chris Pratt sped through the jungles of a fictional dinosaur-filled island, he did it on a motorcycle, being chased by velociraptors. In other words, when a man has to get somewhere and make sure that he looks cool along the way, a motorcycle is the way to go. But in an age when manual transmission cars are all but relics of another time, it’s rare to find people who know how to operate gears, shift, and use a clutch; which is too bad, since motorcycles are a great way to get around, even when you’re not surrounded by velociraptors. Whether you want to find a more economical way to commute in the city or race down dusty roads in search of big adventures in far off places, a motorcycle opens up a world of opportunities that you just can’t get in a car. So strap on a helmet and grab a leather jacket — it’s time to learn how to ride.

Illustration by Ted Slampyak

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First Statement From Chester Bennington’s Widow Talinda: ‘Fairytale Life Turned Into Tragedy’


Talinda Bennington, Chester Bennington’s widow, has broken her grief-stricken silence and issued her first emotional statement following the death of the Linkin Park frontman. Bennington’s late wife penned this heartbreaking message to her husband’s fans eight days after the beloved Linkin Park singer committed suicide on July 20. In the tragic open letter that she shared with Rolling Stone, she wonders what the future holds for her family’s future, reminisced about Chester, thanked the fans for their love, and asked, “How do I move on?”

“One week ago, I lost my soulmate and my children lost their hero – their Daddy. We had a fairytale life and now it has turned into some sick Shakespearean tragedy. How do I move on? How do I pick up my shattered soul? The only answer I know is to raise our babies with every ounce of love I have left. I want to let my community and the fans worldwide know that we feel your love. We feel your loss as well. My babies are so young to have lost their daddy. And I know that all of you will help keep his memory alive.

He was a bright, loving soul with an angel’s voice. And now he is pain-free singing his songs in all of our hearts. May God bless us all and help us turn to one another when we are in pain. Chester would’ve wanted us to do so. Rest In Peace, my love.”

Three days ago, Mike Shinoda, the co-founder of Linkin Park, posted the first photo of him and Chester from 1997 or 1998. Shinoda said of the throwback photo: “I think this was the first photo we ever took together. We had just told Chester that we wanted him to join the band. He said he was ready to move out from Arizona to L.A. We went to a pizza place near UCLA to hang out and talk about what to do next. The band was called Xero at the time, and we probably had less than a half a dozen songs. No flame tattoos yet, no red hair yet, most of us were still in college.”

Instagram Photo



Artist Wins $20,000 Photography Contest With a Blank Photo Her Grandmother Scribbled On


The debate over whether photography can be truly considered an art takes another weird turn as the winner of a photo contest in Australia took home a $20,000 prize for what is essentially a blank photograph covered in scratches and spit courtesy of her grandmother.

Inspired by watching her grandmother test pens by scribbling with each one on a piece of paper, artist Justine Varga handed her a large-format piece of film and asked her to continuing her diligent testing on the 4×5-inch negative instead. In addition to those scribbles, the developed photo, called Maternal Line, also includes imprints of Varga’s grandmother’s hand, and intentional saliva smears.


According to Dr. Shaune Lakin, the Senior Curator of Photography at the National Gallery of Australia who judged the competition and awarded the 2017 Olive Cotton Award, Varga’s photo explored “…what it means today to make a photograph of someone else, even if in the end it doesn’t reveal what they look like.” Lakin further justified his decision by pointing out that “…photography has never just been about appearance. It’s also been part of the way that we experience things like memory and relationships.”

Unless you’re trying to impress your Instagram followers with vacation photos snapped at an exotic locale, most of the time you really only snap photos to help you remember a moment, a place, or a person. Varga’s photo doesn’t contain an actual image of her grandmother, but every time she looks at it the print she’ll undoubtedly be reminded of a very specific aspect and moment in her grandmother’s life that she otherwise would have probably forgotten.


But is the unique approach to photography worth a $20,000 grand prize in a photo contest? Understandably, other photographers aren’t happy with the decision. In an article in The Sydney Morning Herald, some critics have dismissed the photo as nothing more than indecipherable scribbles, while others are claiming Vargas’ photo doesn’t meet the contest’s requirements, since the image was technically produced by her grandmother. Dr. Laukin stands by his decision, however.


Art and criticism will always go hand in hand, especially when it comes to abstract interpretations of a medium. Despite his works often selling for millions of dollars at auction, there are still critics who despise Jackson Pollock’s paintings. Art is supposed to encourage people to talk and discuss ideas and opinions, so I guess this article is proof that Vargas has done just that with her photo.

[Tweed Regional Gallery via Petapixel]

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