polyjamer aims to get everyone making music

Polyjamer is an app that I first came across at MMM2017 earlier this year. I was impressed with it back then and it’s great to see it out on the app store now. Polyjamer can be used to create beats, share tracks on social media or jam with other people.

Polyjamer’s main features:

  • Jam with friends in real time: Polyjamer will make sure you are all synced in style, harmony, tempo and groove
  • Solo: Make music by yourself and share it online if you want
  • Play with over hundred sounds using drums, bass, chords and melody notes to make your own unique music in a way you never experienced before.
  • 6 style packs that include electro, jack house, afro, hip-hop, trap and progressive house (more styles coming soon).
  • Connect with other devices through Wi-Fi or Hotspot to play live jams in no time for maximum fun.
  • Record and share your tracks on Facebook, WhatsApp or any other social network.

The team behind Polyjamer say that this is just the start of what they want to do with the app. They’ve got new features planned like, vocal recording, online-collaboration, style packs mashups, built-in user content radio, and many more.


So I’m hoping that all these good things will be coming to Polyjamer in the not too distant future. Polyjamer is really worth trying out.

It’s on the app store now and it’s free:

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