The Electric Adventuremobile Of The Future


Nope, It’s not the new Land Rover Defender, but it is probably the future of the adventuremobile. Meet the Bollinger B1 electric truck.

With up to 200 miles of range, the new Bollinger B1 all-electric all-wheel drive sport utility truck is ready to haul you, your friends, and your gear to your favorite adventure destinations.

With a claimed 0-60 time of only 4.5 seconds and a top speed of 127 mph, it won’t take long to get there! The 3-box shape is reminiscent of the classic Land Rover Defender, but besides that basic silhouette, some serious off-road capability, and the use of a lot of aluminum in its construction, the two vehicles have little in common.

Bollinger B1: Electric Trucks Get Serious

The Bollinger B1 can haul or tow up to 6,100 lbs. of cargo, which equates to a LOT of adventure and camping gear! Compare that to the measly maximum of 1,620 lb. load capacity of the Toyota Tacoma.

While the load capacity is truly impressive, so are the off-road stats for this vehicle; 10″ of wheel travel, 15.5″ of ground clearance, over 50-degree approach, and departure angles and sway bar disconnects. All of these things should add up to a truly capable vehicle in a wide variety of conditions.

Want a little breezier ride? The brand also touts a convertible full-to-half-cab model that looks remarkably bad-ass.

Is the B1 just vapor wear? Only time will tell if the truck stacks up to the manufacturer’s claims. So far there is only an extremely vague timeline for delivery of 19+ months once manufacturing is finalized. Bollinger is taking emails now and $1,000 deposits in early 2018 to hold a spot to order a B1. No word on how much these will cost when/if they hit the market, but I know I want one for sure!

For more information on the Bollinger B1 be sure to check out its website.


  • Drive: AWD
  • 0-60: 4.5 sec
  • Top Speed: 127 mph
  • Horsepower: 360
  • Torque: 472 lb-ft
  • Total Vehicle Weight: 3,900 lbs.
  • GVWR: 10,001 lbs.
  • Payload & Towing Capacity: 6,100 lbs.
  • Dimensions: Wheelbase 105″/Length 150″/Width 76.5″/Height 73.5″/Rear Track 68″
  • Ground Clearance: (Adjustable between 10″-20″)
  • Approach/Breakover/Departure Angles: 56/33/53
  • Tire: MT LT285/70/R17
  • Brakes: 11.75″ vented regenerative 4-wheel anti-lock inboard discs
  • Range: 120 mile (60 kWh battery) or 200 mile (100 kWh battery)
  • Charge Time: 60 kWh battery- 7.3 hrs (220v) or 45 min (DC Fast), 100 kWh battery- 12.1 hrs (220v) or 75 min (DC Fast)

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