Criminal gang act like they’re in ‘The Fast and the Furious’ while stealing iPhones from moving truck

It sometimes feels like the world is driven by iPhone lust. But would you ever imagine people so thirsty for iPhones that they’re willing to break into a moving vehicle to steal them?

That’s exactly what a group of five motivated thieves did to an iPhone delivery truck in the Netherlands about a week ago.

According to the Associated Press, five Romanian men were arrested on Saturday under suspicion of stealing $590,000 worth of iPhones from a moving vehicle. 

The men, aged 33 to 43, hopped in a van and reportedly tailed a delivery truck. Then they did something you probably thought only happened in the movies. 

Two of them climbed out of the sun roof and onto the hood of van before breaking into the delivery truck — all while both vehicles were moving down a Dutch highway in the middle of the night. Once the men were in the delivery truck, they passed boxes of iPhones back to the van and fled with the goods.

Dutch police have recovered the iPhones and the van the men used during this incredible display of bravery and stupidity. Dutch officials think this five-member gang is responsible for 17 of these insane highway stunts over the past two years. The men are set to appear in court on Tuesday. 

These kinds of on-the-road heists from moving vehicles aren’t new to Europe, either. When it comes to luxury items, like iPhones, thieves will do almost anything imaginable to get their hands on the goods. Heists like this have been going back to at least 2012, where a police helicopter once caught a video of another group attempting to act out the same stunt, although they didn’t actually end up stealing anything in that case. 

No matter, this new robbery takes iPhone worshipping to an entirely new level. Let’s just hope future criminals leave the high-risk stunts to Hollywood from now on. 

from Mashable!