Did Coldplay’s Cover Of Linkin Park’s ‘Crawling’ Give Me Chills? Yes. Am I Basic? Totes.

Coldplay is a lot like a finger in the butt–you won’t necessary admit you like in public, but behind closed doors, you’ve got your legs in the air ready to take a homemade colonoscopy while Strawberry Swing plays softly in the background. Right guys? Classic guy talk amiright? Is anyone still reading this?

In any event, I think we can all agree that if The Scientist and Yellow are two certified scud missiles that if sung by J.Cole or any of those cool backpack rappers, would be accepted in Brooklyn gastropubs.

During a sold out concert at New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium as part of their A Head Full Of Dreams Tour, Coldplay paid an impressive tribute to Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington with a somber rendition of ‘Crawling.’ The song highlights the poeticism of the song’s lyrics and once again reminded me of how impactful the entire Hybrid Theory remains after 17 years after its release.

P.S. This Chester Bennington mural that stopped traffic on the 101 freeway in Los Angeles may be the only thing worthy of stopping traffic.

P.P.S. I’d be negligent not to include this scene from The 40-Year-Old Virgin when discussing anything Coldplay.

[h/t Rolling Stone]


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