This $25 Paper Notebook Works With Your Favorite Web Services, and Can Be Erased In the Microwave

If you thought you knew everything there was to know about paper notebooks, you haven’t seen the Rocketbook Wave.

The Wave looks and feels just like any 80 page paper notebook, but it has two interesting features that set it apart. First, a series of seven symbols printed at the bottom of every page can be paired in a smartphone app to your favorite web services. Cross out the horseshoe and scan the page with the app, and it’ll automatically upload to, say, Evernote. Draw an X through the Apple, and it’ll go to Google Drive.


I know what you’re saying: “$25 to save a few extra taps on my smartphone?” I’d agree with you, if the Wave couldn’t be reused up to five times. As long as you used a Pilot FriXion pen (one is included with the notebook), you just have to put the notebook in the microwave—bear with me here—with a mug of water, cook it for about four minutes, and your notebook will come out blank. So really, it’s more like a 400 page smart notebook, with a really cool party trick.

$25 is only about $2 less than its usual price, but it doesn’t really ever get much cheaper, so today’s a great day to pick one up.

from Gizmodo