The Commuter Diaries: 10 facts about being a commuter in New York


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New York City — what a town.

It’s no secret that living in this massive city of 8.5 million takes the kinds of guts that can withstand the occasional flat tire, stalled train, or trash-filled bike lane.

Whether you drive, ride your bicycle, or take the subway, commuting in New York presents a special set of challenges unlike anywhere else on earth. For those who don’t know what to expect when commuting in NYC, here are some facts and figures that will help set the scene. Along for the ride is restauranteur, Matty Bee, talking about what commuting means to him.  Read more…

Our friends were afraid they’d never see us again if we moved away from Manhattan, but we’re there all the time. All we have to do is go over the bridge — across the water — it’s like a beautiful little escape.

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