F**k Yeah! Study Finds Profanity And Intelligence Are Linked


Bros, today is the day you start swearing loud and proud. Hopefully, you’ve been fucking letting them f-bombs fly for years and haven’t let the societal pressure against profanity hold you down from speaking your goddamn mind. But, if you need some ammunition in the weak ass war against profanity then I’ve got you covered.

This isn’t the first time the scientific community has linked the regular use of profanity to higher levels of intelligence, but this study further solidifies the connection. Researchers are the University of Rochester polled 1,000 participants on 400 common behaviors, and what they found was the regular use of profanity was linked to high intelligence. They also found that people who swear regularly are likely to walk around the house naked, and eat spicy breakfasts.

The Daily Mail reports:

During the study, participants were asked if they performed each of the 400 behaviours, and how often. The results were then compared with their own personalities, with the aim being to identify signature behaviours for each of the main personality types.
People with higher intellects were more likely to curse, eat spicy breakfasts and lounge around the house naked, while extroverts were more likely to drive cars faster that 75mph, gamble and go to the pub.
Agreeable people had behaviours that benefited others and conscientious people were focused on avoiding irresponsible behaviours. (via)

Of course, this doesn’t mean that just because you curse like a sailor you’re an intelligent human being. Nor does this mean that if you start swearing your ass off today people will think you’re smarter. All this means is that researchers found people who swear frequently in their everyday lives are more likely to be intelligent.

You can read more about the study here on the Daily Mail.

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